William Cozzo

Philadelphia-area native Bill Cozzo has been playing guitar for over 20
years, starting in high school by teaching himself Beatles tunes on an
old acoustic guitar. He got his first electric guitar for his 16th birthday
and was soon figuring out how to copy his favorite hard rock tunes of the
60's and 70's. Bill began listening to more blues, jazz, and jazz-influenced rock in
college, and played in his university's jazz ensemble.

After graduating with a degree in electrical engineering, Bill started focusing exclusively on

instrumental electric jazz, playing with the Baltimore-based fusion band, Kestrel, for five years.

He built up his composing and arranging skills during live gigs and recording with Kestrel, coupled with

private study with nationally-known recording artist, Carl Filipiak.

Though strictly a hobbyist, Bill approaches his music with attention to detail in harmonic voicing, compositional 'space', and instrument tonality.

"Music provides balance to my sense of being. After my work-day of logic and problem-solving, kicking loose an improvised solo over some interesting changes, or comping behind a soulful melody really restores my spirit".

He contributed musical concepts to several songs including The Legend and played jazz guitar on "Spores"

and the edgy, bluesy solo on "Where Is My Love?"

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