John Turner

John, from Havre de Grace, Maryland, is a major contributor to this recording. Not only did John provide drum performance on the studio tracks, but he played drum kit live at the first public showing of Etheria (Arellano Theater, Johns Hopkins University main campus, 1994).

John played midi drums on the Etheria recordings. To accommodate Jeff's home studio, John put down the kick, snare, and tom parts first using the midi kit. He then later recorded hihat and cymbals parts live to digital tape synchronized with the original drum tracks. The resulting drum composite is very clean and modern drum sound that integrates well with the synthesizer oriented song structures.

John's current musical projects include The Red Dog Band and a guitar jazz trio.

John is also a veteran of Jeff's fusion project Kestrel. The following picture includes John with Gary Curtis. Gary played bass guitar in the first showing of the play.

Thanks John.