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Welcome to the Caribou Electric Jazz Band home page. We have lots of pix in here. Veterans of the band are included in these images.

Here is the band in harsh lighting.


 Over to the right there is the front cover to CARIBOU’s new CD including wilderness waterfall, rocks and trees, and so forth. You absolutely MUST hear this album. It is so environmental, baby.


The band plays in a lively manner in Morgantown and surrounding areas.

Here are the merry player lunatics (Brent, Les, Shawn, and Jeff):


Pictures of CARIBOU JAZZ WITH JACLYN are here.

This link to rock opera ETHERIA 2004: The Digital Remix takes you to a Web Book

describing a brand new Synthology.com and Caribou Band CD.


Caribou: Suite for Dolly Sods

Synthology.com announces the release of a new compact disk “Suite for Dolly Sods.” This collection consists of tunes that are a synthesis of electric jazz and light classical (jazzical music) recorded in the synthology.com digital studio. The songs and the CD are environmental reflections and each is a musical call for preservation of wild America. Dolly Sods is a natural wonder hidden in the hills of eastern West Virginia and these wild lands are the inspiration for the title song.



Gypsy dhruva', Morgantown music news reporter:

“Caribou's nature-inspired synth-and woodwind-driven arrangements, reminiscent of Paul Winter, are melodically soothing, yet complex enough to interest jazz enthusiasts."


Sherri Shaulis (Morgantown’s Dominion Post):

“The music, which is dominated by synthesizers, has a free-form feel, reminiscent of great jazz, that you know can’t just happen by accident. There’s some real thought and talent, not to mention a love of the music and the subject matter, hard at work here.”


I include 2 songs from the CD here in MP3 format:
Distant Voices (MP3)

Blues for the Dark Ages (MP3)

Suite for Dolly Sods
 Appalachian Range
 Distant Storm
 The Red Creek
 The Stonecoal Trail
 Distant Storm (Reprise)

Sanctuary River
Chitistone Canyon
Distant Voices
Blues for the Dark Ages

The American Kestrel

The Gaia Hypothesis
 The Biosphere
 The Cambrian Period
 The Lungfish
 Cybernetic Boogie
 The Toxisphere
 Rain Forest
 Radiation and Fallout

All Songs composed, arranged, recorded by Jeffrey L. Sponsler
© 1999 Jeffrey L. Stevens Sponsler and Synthology.com

Jeff plays the Yamaha Soprano Saxophone, Gemeinhart Flute,
Yamaha DX7, Oberheim Matrix6, Kurzweil 1200,
Kawai K1, Alesis D4, Taylor Guitar, Gibson The Paul

Thanks for Charlotte, Brent Lally, Joe Reisen, Les Bullis, and Shawn Haught.

Produced by Synthology.com
Graphics by Jeff and William Bullis (Bullhead Graphics, Inc.)
Photography by Charlotte M. Nelson


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