Artist: Jazz Street Station


Jazz Street Station from Baltimore Maryland:


Jane Lamar – Vocals

George Spicka – Keyboards

Paula Hatcher – Flute

Tom Pitta – Acoustic & Electric Bass

Marcus Asanti – Drums

Lester Bailey – Percussion

Carl Cornwell - Saxophone


J. Doug Gill, Editor, Music Monthly: “Jazz Street Station captures the radiant buoyancy of contemporary jazz, and speaks it with a voice that appeals to a universal audience. Framed by the essence of Jane Lamar’s soaring vocals and the full range of emotion displayed by the keyboard talents of George Spicka, Jazz Street Station celebrate an innovative alchemy of saxophone, bass, flute, drums, and percussion.”



The band really wants to hear from you. Please take a few minutes and let them know you are following them. Send email to Jane or George:

Jazz Street Station



Recording: The Rhythm of Love

Format: Audio CD

Date: 1994

Label: Upper Jazz Street Recording Services,

  Baltimore MD 410 944 4234



Song Titles:

Flashback, Gentle Soul, Footprints, They Are You, El Ritmo De Amor, Ode for Flute, Viola, Cello & Guitar, EZ Livin, Rhythm D’Carnivale




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