Artist: Kevin Ford


Bio: Morgantown WV musician and band leader, guitarist, singer.

Music Style: Rock




Rt. 3 Box 211 Grafton WV 26354

304 265 2803

One DJ said “If Sade and Sting had a kid, then abused it, he would grow up to be Kevin Ford’s music.”



Recording: Strength

Format: Audio CD

Date: 1998


Featuring: Kevin Quickle, Brent Lally, Donovan Monday, David Spencer, Kevin Segrist, Steve Paris, Mary Hefferin, Willia Hicks, Heather Luper, Ward Paine, Jeff Cawthon, Robert Williams


Dominion Post: “Darkly romantic ‘Strength’ reveals soul in Kevin Ford. … He spins his tales in front of a collection of tough and tight musicians.”


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Recording: Sanctuary

Format: Audio CD

Date: 1995


Featuring: Dave Sbarra, Steve Paris, Brian Porterfield, Pat McCleary, Mary Hefferin


Brian Schreurs of the Dominion Post:

“His voice is similar to Jeff Healey’s, and his music is best described as a combination of the Hearbreakers, the Eagles, and … the Jeff Healey Band. “



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