Artist: Small Town No Airport


Small Town No Airport is Massachusetts band that (while no longer together) produced a rockin’ CD that is described below.


The band consisted of:

Chris Carroll – Vocals, Guitar

Zeke Martin – Drums

Ward Paine – Bass, Banjo, Slide Guitar

Bill Peterson – Vocals, Guitar




Bassist Ward Paine and his son are pictured above. Ward is currently an Internal Medicine Resident but still turns his amp up to eleven and jives and wails.




Recording: Small Town No Airport

Format: Audio CD

Date: 1992



Song Titles:

Here Comes Trouble

Friend of Mine

Camden Locke

Drive My Car


Happy Holidays


Wils End

Rode Into Town

Slipped Away

Mississippi Nights

Run for Your Life


Small Town No Airport features the band as listed above and the following guest musicians:


Rob Leymann, Greg Capozzi, Biran Nolan, Ned Wilkinson

Camden Locke.mp3

Click to download complete tune.




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