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Etheria Lyrics

Lyrics for Rock Opera ETHERIA © 2022 Jeffrey L. Sponsler


Act I


(No Lyrics)

The Legend

The Legend of Harmonautics

Thalia, The Narrator:

Etheria, a world without much history

had anesthetic winds to dull the misery

a race of sentients had evolved

who toiled fields by day


our lives were simply lead, no complications

no politicians, wars, or automation

we believed the legend of the Harmonauts

who came, who'd come again


their return would bring to us a revival

we'd waited many years for their arrival

they bring no gifts nor gold nor guns

but only verse and song


the elders foretold with no apology

the young ones rebelled against mythology

the travelers had been here before

they would return again


the words they carry would portray

the sights and sounds, light years away

of battles lost, of loved ones gone

of machines and mechanical men


each would come from

some distant part of space

solo voyage exploring some exotic place

the prophecy of Etheria

was waiting to be brought to life


when they return we'd host a celebration

the Festival of Sound an inspiration

the songs would take us far away

and fill our lives again


and then they'd leave

to travel once again

and the legend of the players

would live on

Deep Space


Deep Space


 the ship is dark but on-board

 sleeps a traveler

 who will perform - who may change mythology

 he carries song and something else

 machines now give him life




 awareness comes into focus

 as I return from disturbing dreams

 one by one

 neurons - long in suspension


 and recreate - reality



 who am I? where am I? why am I here?

“distant Etheria approaches”



 renegade geology -

 fumaroles expel ether

 noxious sky glowing green -

 the ancient magnet that attracts the Harmonauts

 the planet appears balanced

 in the gravity of deep space



 through the air I descend

 the spaceport is near

 (but my mind is distracted by a thought she is here)

  and radar reveals other schooners and yachts

 the Harmonauts have returned

The Sentinel



Vocals: Falerina

 the metal ball spins silently

 traversing space in orbital plane

 with radar tongues that taste the space

 and UV eyes that squint in the light

 of distant stars



 waiting - watching - barely thinking

 the sentinel stands

 regarding heaven - guarding against

 invasion force - unseen hand



 No visitors to Etheria

 for many scores of years

 but the warrior robot generals

 had the sentinel stand near



 a flicker of light will wake the wires

 the circuits spring to life

 to analyze - to synthesize - to realize



 a false alarm the sensors cool

 return to ready state

 vigilant above the atmosphere

 to protect the planet's fate



 another day another night

 another game of solitaire

 then frequent photons flash and trigger

 the machine to stop and stare



stare hard at distant realm of space

sentinel becomes aware

that an enemy of all that lives

has presented incandescent flare



the flicker of light has woke the wires

the circuits spring to life

sound alarms cry out for help

to save the sentinel



 save me it cries I’ve done my job

 don’t let them shoot me down

 don’t let the evil ship that nears

 that fills my processors with fear



 the ship will know that cover's blown

 the ship will seek revenge

 and plunge me into eternal sleep

 and will I dream of electric sheep



 and does there exist a wireless god

 that waits to judge me, the tireless pod

 I can't be accused the sin of hate

 It’s just not there within my data

 don't turn me OFF

 don’t turn me OFF

 don't turn me OFF



 far below in a central command

 a technician moves his silent hand

 to throw the switch that shuts the power

 that kills the computer in sentinel 9



Ground System Engineer:

 pod 9's offline again

 it logged an invasion - do you believe that?

 hey look at the sensors - it looks like an armada!

The Arrival


The Arrival

 (The Return of the Harmonauts from Space)

Isolier's ship and other spaceships touchdown on the planet's surface and to the waiting crowd.


 The ships arrived - they landed in the desert

 the Harmonauts had come to sing their measures

 the word was passed

 from ear to ear

 the music had arrived

 Chorus of Etherian People:

 The Harmonauts have returned

 returned from far beyond

 with stories of distant worlds

 in never ending songs

 the mystics can now celebrate

 the priests can mend their robes

 prepare for the Festival

 to fill the people with hope


 Each traveler was greeted with elation

 each was told about a coming celebration

 The Festival of the Harmonauts

 would be written in the chronicles


 the skeptics must now hide their faces

 hang their heads with shame

 they tried to kill the myths of song

 to cause the common people pain


 for a thousand years, we’ve waited here

 now they have returned

 to share with us their songs

 and all that they have learned

 They have returned

 They have returned


 They knew in their hearts of the returning

 the fire of mythology had been burning

 the lost had been found

 the ethereal sound

 would cause the doubters to turn


 let the festival begin

 let the sound invade our minds

 lead us all on a journey within

 leave the mundane world behind


 The Harmonauts have returned

 returned from far beyond

 with stories of distant worlds

 in never ending songs

The Plot to Steal the Music

The Plot to Steal the Music

 Farbucron, the Merchant:


what is that you got there lad

 in the belly of your flying ship

 It’s a design I’ve never seen

 don't try to give me the slip



let me explain - I specialize

in the traffic of imported goods

if it’s for sale I’d like to know

but can you tell me - what does it do?



It’s really nothing

 no value at all

 please don't be insulted

 but I won't say more



 now you really have me on

 the answer no I will not take

 just name your price the deal is done

 my fever's up I’m on the make



all right I’ll tell you

 a sound recording machine

 but I’ll not sell it

 so please don’t ask me again\



 a machine that records sound

 what a fascinating find

 why did you bring it - why are you here

 can you tell - can you spare the time?

 The Recordist's Invention


 I have found a way to save notes that I play

 the frequencies of sound that I hear

 to hear them again


 the subtle blend of tones painted onto canvas

 an electronic fresco of tape

 that spins much like the sun


 when I hear the tapes that play

 the echo of my own voice

 I feel detached - outside of myself

 distraught but I have no choice


 to record the songs at the festival of Etheria

 would be the greatest thrill of my life

 the songs would be mine


 the Etherians could have the tapes - the stories

 enrich their lives for one thousand years

 until the next return


 I worry that the Harmonauts would disagree

 they may feel that they have been wronged

 that I am a thief

 I will tape them secretly as I have planned

 I will present the songs as a gift

 to Etheria

 to Etheria

 to Etheria

 Isolier leaves.



 stroke of luck - now let me think

 what could I do with such a machine

 I’ll have a drink and contemplate

 a new money making scheme


 how much would these backward fools

 pay to have their songs returned

 I’ll play the tapes for this dreary world

 they get religion - I make some change


 if he is able to capture the noise

 these naive musicians will make at the show

 I’ll know what he's done and I’ll borrow the tapes

 religion to Etheria I will sell

 I will sell




 Narrator's introduction.


 The Tales began, Etherians were gathered,

 The Great Hall filled, the Harmonauts were flattered.

 A traveler of space had come

 to spin fantastic yarn


The Exobotanist:


 have you ever wondered how

 life began its slimy reach -

 formed itself into a ball

 and crawled up on the beach?


 I searched the books of alchemy,

 of wizardry, of rhymes

 Consulted with the aged monks who

 rang the mighty chimes


 Bridge 1

 I read the ancient charts that list

 all the worlds on which things grow;

 linear response to time -

 there was a vector don't you know

 Points to chart showing planets with life


 if you follow the arrow that moves

 into time and though the space

 you can think like Darwin and find

 the seedpod of our race


 I made a vow to travel there -

 the discovery would be mine;

 I built a ship with sails that fill

 with the silent breeze of time

 bridge 2

 there it was - hanging high in space

 a clanking box of gears

 so I made the dock - traversed airlock

 it was rusty from the years


 the giant ship contained

 a factory of living things

 spiny beasts with too many legs

 and plants with feathered wings.








I wandered through the darkened ship

 the stench grew with the heat

 and from each cage - the lonely sounds -

 the calls of the incomplete


in a colossal aquarium

 there swam a hungry ichthyosaur

 it swallowed down a protoplasmic blob

 that had rolled across the floor


Bridge 3

 I found a room were the motors ran

 the lights strobed endlessly

 and in the chair - with his flowing hair

 sat the captain looking at me


 I fell on my knees and cried

 is it true - and can I believe?

 you are the king of space who makes

 the spores - the living seeds?


 oh no, he said, I’m not a god

 this is just a job, you see;

 the pay is bad - the hours long

 and now my health is failing me


 it must be fate that brought you here

 to take my place and fly

 this ship and to design more life -

 scatter it in the sky








 There are a million creatures designed

 their blueprints gather dust

 it seems sad - almost a crime

 to let it end - it is unjust












The Tantalum Carbon Alloy Moon


The Tantalum Carbon Alloy Moon


 a traveler - a pro at mining mountains

 he had a tale to tell of a particular

 place in space - he was of a race

 not naturally evolved


 the spectrum indicated

 that the rock was prime for change

 a mother lode of promethium

 in the crystal mountain range


 a foreman of the drilling teams

 The Miners if you will

 I was selected and dispatched

 was genuinely thrilled


 to watch the mindless robots

 spin an artificial moon

 to build a base (profit making haste)

 no time to study runes


 no statement of the ecologic

 consequences there

 no agencies - no bribes to make

 no one to interfere



 the satellite was soon complete

 three moons then in the sky

 soon The Miners would arrive

 to bleed the planet dry

 and when the precious metals were gone

 we'd leave this world behind

 no one to stare in wonder at the

 tantalum carbon alloy moon


 I set my feet upon the land

 and faced the solar wind

 my skin reacted to the light

 and no I can't pretend


 that photosynthesis is wrong

 a pleasure and a need

 genetic rearrangers spawned

 a race who never feed



but then my mind became aware

 a pool of ocean blue

 the particles suspended there

 revolving and they grew



 and soon a woman stood before

 my disbelieving eyes

 she turned - she pointed to the Moon

 that floated in the sky

 there were no words - emotions swept

 the surface tension and

 I felt the fear - a vision clear -

 she moved - she touched me with her hand


 the mountain spires were fallen, crushed

 the fractal patterns gone

 volcanic fires - the vision said -

 would fuel a smoking dawn


 the living layer - very thin

 would be reduced to sand

 the woman and her protozoic

 kind gone from the land



 the light returned - the vision done

 I turned to her to say

 I didn't really understand

 but she faded into gray

 the disassociation came

 before she told me why

 as she returned to primordic state

 I thought I heard a sound - a distant cry

instrumental Section (industrious robot scene)


 the miners came - their work began

 the rocks were cut to size

 and placed into the freighters docked

 at the Carbon Alloy Moon


 and all was well as time moved by

 then a routine seismic scan

 the structure of the planet changed

 events not in the plan


we analyzed, synthologized,

 the numbers were unclear

 the crystal mountains began to quake

 the Miners ran with fear


 there was no time for their escape

 the magma rivers flowed

 the Alloy Moon upset the gravity

 equations showed



the mission there was now complete

 a fortune had been made

 but the planet was returned

 to its Precambrian past


 I will always see her face

 of sadness - I was warned

 but I’m controlled by recombinant genes

 and Tantalum Carbon Alloy Moon

 the Tantalum Carbon Alloy Moon

Where is My Love


Where Is My Love?

(Polyxena's Tale)


 she came from a distant crowded city

 with words that portray emotion and feeling

 she described her life

 a single day

 a journey she had made ...



I wandered from my lonely home

I left there in the spring

An instinct and an inner voice

My spirit taking wing



A promise made eons ago

My mind begins to race

An impulse deep within my heart

Has brought me to this place



 he waits for me though time stands still

 the rain the clouds release

 and coiled wires and radio waves

 the distances decrease

 the distances decrease



 the images of street invade

 my introspective mood

 I quicken pace look straight ahead

 but poverty intrudes



 what right to dwell on self

 when sadness fills the bitter air

 a tattered man - his fiction world

 my mind becomes aware



 a uniform and time stands still

 the tattered disappears

 the street is safe for working class

 they worry when he's near

 they worry when he's near



 the timepiece tells the here and now

 my thoughts are years ahead

 the gypsy cloth, the dusty gloom

 the table glowing red



 clairvoyant specialists transcend

 the constellations said

 the fortune told - the path now clear

 prefer the dark instead



 a shop with potions - cures for pain

 for sadness and for greed

 elixir stings my throat and stills

 a hollow aching need

 a hollow aching need

 Instrumental Break (Bill Cozzo's Electric Guitar Solo)


 time restarts and tolls and lights

 the taxis and the rain

 conspire against the elements

 of desire within the brain



 my destination rises on

 an avenue of light

 an ancient house - the windows watch

 me moving through the night



 the door approached and I stand still

 my hand upon the bell

 rehearsing all the things I’ll say

 and all I have to sell

 and all I have to sell



 we meet, your hands extend to me

 words stumble to explain

 the time that passed - the emptiness

 the feelings will remain



 your human-ness now reaffirmed

 the fallibility

 the expectations redefined

 don't tell me - I can see



 you walk away and time stands still

 and now I realize

 the images that I create

 will have to satisfy

 will have to satisfy

The Fox


The Fox (The Recordist's Tale)


 His name was Isolier and he approached the stage

 he told us of a war - where many died in rage

 he cued the band - he raised his hand

 and took us to a world ...


I was flying through the wilderness - an unknown star

I needed fresh provisions - and to breathe some air

so I rode the bigger waves of a magnetic field

to the surface - of the planet I could see it was real

I stood there all alone in an eerie zone

there was gunfire and I felt that I should get out fast

then a soldier with a rifle and coat made of rags

ran up and said: hey man you better hit the pad


- 2 -

there's a fight on and the Council is seeing red

so move for that cave or you’re gonna be dead

cause now you with the rebels you're a human like us

if you were a Shape Changer I could not discuss

because you would have killed me in a terrible way

but now I live to fight them - I will make them pay

a Changer may be hiding as rock or a tree

but I vow to remove them - wont you listen to me



and then we will be

living life in peace

but for now you see

we got nothin’ but heat


 we crawled into the darkness - water running cold

and the cavern was filled with the aroma of mold

there was a crowd of people living there in the black

The Leader said to me - I am known as the Fox

 cause we live in this hole and we run when it’s night

and we raid on the castle - Council calls us blight

they are creatures unholy - from a faraway place and they have

governed these people for a very long time


- 4 -

they may appear human but that is only a shape

not like us at all - not descended from apes

though they have not harmed us they have stolen our will

they control our every action - it’s a bitter pill

but we have taken steps to overthrow them now

we've got some new weapons and the will to survive

so will you now join us become part of our war

to help regain our freedom - open up that door


and when we are done

the sun will rise

the day will dawn

and blind our eyes


 - 5 -

I stopped him short - I said: now why should I fight

I’m here for rest - not for revolution

this is your war I don’t know what's at stake

for all I know - you’re the son of the devil

who is the Council? what is a Shape Changer?

Could they be here now - am I in some danger?

Could you start at the top give me more information?

Hey what is that noise - what is that vibration?


- 6 -

and a column of stone reaching up to the ceiling

turned into a man - a man with no feeling

cause he started to kill any rebel in sight

but we took him out - with our guns and our knives

as he lay there and bled - you know his blood was white

he said: if the Council dies you will not see the future

we protected this rock and your people for years

and you pay us back with anger and fear


and then he died

and lying there cold

the column of stone

an ore - it was gold


- 7 -

are you convinced now - the Fox said to me?

that were justified in fighting - won’t you join our war?

you see he killed my men and they must know of the Cave?

and soon there will be more - our situation is grave.

We must strike tonight - and we will finish them off

then we begin to live and be the kings of this world

We  run along the river that has formed this room

it branches into darkness several miles away


- 8 -

a feeder stream is born inside the walls of the Realm

the Castle of the Changers we can enter unseen

you rebels take these weapons they will finish the task

And are you with us Space Traveler - then put on this mask

But wait - I said - these weapons they're an alien make

high energy lasers - these are not bows and arrows

where did you get these guns - you don't manufacture

these tools of despair - who is funding you there?



so then the Fox said

oh yes we have friends

they believe in the truth

of our rebellion


- 9 -

so we moved through the Cavern - torches burning bright

and creatures quite blind fleeing out of our light

and then we arrived - crawled through a break in the wall

basement room of the Castle - and we entered the Hall

there was no person there but birds of great size

and they circled the room the Fox said - aim for their eyes

The rebels they shot - pteranodons from the wind

till each was lying on the floor in a pool


 - 10 -

a pool of white blood and the Council was gone

the weapons were lethal and the rebels had won

the rebels rejoiced - the women embraced the men

they had taken their land and they raised up a song

then the Castle was filled with machines of great size

the robot allies who had given them guns

the Fox stood tall and he greeted them all

we will live our lives now and rebuild our world


- 11 -

these were deadly Machines and they began to kill

but why screamed the Fox - have you betrayed me this way?

we could not stop the Council - said the Cyberpunk King

The Changers were able to track us too well

But you simple humans are not made of steel

and so you could slip into the Castle at will

and take out the Council with the weapons we gave

and now the planet is ours and the iron we crave


- 12 -

well this was too much for me so I ran for the wall

and I fled through the Cave to the Room to my plane.

And I fired up her rockets and was soon in the sky

I really felt bad leaving the Fox there to die

but the machines were on top - they were sure in control

and it wasn't my world - not my world after all

what happened after that I really don't want to know

I had to survive - so I could come to The Show



he fox is a memory

is story lives on

e humans learn slowly

rust nothing, no one 


and when we are done

the sun will rise

the day will dawn

and blind our eyes

Standing With You

Standing With You



 You have come to Etheria

 I was afraid that you would not attend

 we are now together

 I don’t want these feelings to end



 years have passed and I have missed

 the touch of your hand

 but we are here as living myths

 the faith of this land


 I’m not sure that I want

 to play in this role as a priest

 if we had not returned

 what would these Athenians do?



 don't theorize - it came to pass

 according to plan

 we play our songs and then we leave

 don't misunderstand

 we cannot provide


 but we’re free


 there would be rebellion

 a reason for anger and war

 H. etherius extinct -

 no life to see as before


 a traveler from space would

 find not a trace

 of a race

 only hieroglyphs

 in the ruins of stone



 you place your thoughts so far away

 cities buried in sand

 but I am here and I can say

 beside you, I stand

Instrumental Break



No one knows the beginning -

 how long has this colony survived?

 and are there cults on other worlds

 who wait for the sounds to arrive? if time could be changed

 and the past rearranged

 could Etheria worship the sun

 or a prophet of god?



in the schools of ancient man

 metaphysics debate

 the Harmonauts must never doubt

 that this is our fate

 I will study your face

 what should I see

 educate me



 I am here - I’m with you

 I can't say how long it will last

 my thoughts now shaped by ether

 I’m afraid - we're moving too fast


 the pain that I feel

 when I call out in vain

 to the sky

 for the answers to life

 am I wasting my time?


 it's true

 I must realize

 and focus my eyes

 on the feelings inside

 I must make up my mind



 the festival - it waits for us

 we must return

 perform the rites of sacred sound

 the rhythms that burn

 but when it is time

 for me to leave

 will you come with me?

Polyxena and Isolier:

oh yeah

Act II

The Cosmic Jam

(No Lyrics)

The Art of Grave Robbing


The Art of Grave Robbing

The Merchant's Tale


 a salesman came -

 with products for the taking

 the Festival -

 there was money for the making

 his merchandise was on display

 esoterica for those who pay

Farbucron, The Merchant


 please wait your turn

 you'll get your chance

 experience an erotic fling

 to touch the sound

 and see the heat

 to do the psychic swing


 gather round and check your cash

 imported goods are here for sale

 rhino horn and mammoth tongue

 and pharmaceutic ale


 the cargo hold of my ship is filled

 with a million metric tons

 I deal in life - exotic slaves

 and organs - hearts and lungs


 archaeologists come see

 sarcophagi are now in stock

 shroud of Turin for just a fee

 stone tablets are on the block



 if you are looking for goods hard to find

 black market sales - you have seen some hard times

 if it’s endangered I’ll sell you its skin

 if it’s immoral it's time to begin


 chamber of illusions

 telepathic theatre

 a courtesan with her hair aflame

 you'll be alone in there with her


 if you have a problem

 need some powder to be your all

 you feel the need to medicate

 this merchant makes house calls


 perhaps you need a family

 to love to give you warmth

 check my zombie catalog

 they have a quiet sensitive charm


 if you desire an identity card

 if you need a personality

 my plastic surgeon can alter your face

 psycho-tropics can shape your reality



 and if your problems will not go away

 and you know in your mind that you’ve tried

 to live a good life - just give me a name

 and then your problems soon will have died

The Auction:

 start the bidding now

 a whale skin leather jacket

 11 hundred credits to start - 11 11 12

 1250 - SOLD !

 mountain gorilla liver powder - an aphrodisiac

 500 500 550 6 - sold

 autographed copy of the Necronomicon

 1100 credits 11 11 1150 12 - sold

 another classic: the Encyclopedia Galactica

 2500 25 30 35 3550 - sold!

 here’s an ivory scrimshaw tiara

 start bidding at 6500 65 65 70 75 who’ll give me 80

 80 85 85 85 - sold!

 next up - Excalibur

 starting at 10 thousand credits - give me 10 10

 11 11 12 12 going once twice sold

 and here is an Arrakeen stilsuit

 95 hundred 95 95 97 97 98 98 98 - sold!

 next item: a stealth bomber with heat seeking missiles

 starting at 75 trillion credits

 75 75 80 85 85 85 - sold!

 and for our final sale:

 a white slave girl and a kilogram of powdered poppies

 starting at 35 thousand credits

 35 35 50 55 65 70 75 75 95 95 95 98 - SOLD!

Instrumental Chorus


 from a world with an acid rain

 in a bottle of formaldehyde

 well preserved - this human brain

 a politician's - who wants to buy


 now if you want weapons this

 rifle fires a particle flash

 pierces armor - lacerates flesh

 reduce your enemy to piles of ash


 consider this - a planet for sale

 green and lush in a prehistoric way

 and you'd be a king or a president

 or a god - you can have it your way


 the people there are paleoliths

 you could give them a new government

 mate with their women - create demigods

 it’s your planet - you could charge them rent



 If you are looking for goods hard to find

 black market sales - you have done some hard time

 if it’s endangered I’ll sell you its skin

 if it’s immoral it’s time to begin






 this Harmonauts had spent his whole life studying

 behaviors of subspecies of humanity

 objective observations here

 recorded in a song:




 I have come from a world

 a world not well known

 and the people who live

 there - they have a way


yet I lived in that place

 for ten years or more

 and I’ve authored a book

 on its anthropology



 they were loners

 on a world with a million loners

 and they were humans like you

 except they had a Law


 I learned of their lives

 I heard their history

 their ancestral fears

 you know they had seen war


 the pain that is there

 a question - a hundred answers-

 and so to keep peace

 solution of geometry



 they were loners

 in a world with a million other loners

 and they could not relate

 no parlays - not ever a word


 this was their chance

 to put war in a grave

 no heated exchange

 no intellectual slaves


 I’m a loner

 in a room with thousand other loners

 we can learn quite a lot

 from distant foreign tribes



 their ancients had seen

 the competitive scheme

 like rats in a cage

 you automatically rage


the Law said no clans

 that is larger than one

 that was a promise indeed

 no anger and no war



 they were loners

 meditation will bring the trance

 they were completely consumed

 in the silent mating dance

 Instrumental Break


 ok so now I’m alone

 I reject the world

 does the world reject me

 disappointing but true


 no turning back

 I feel the distances increase

 the air becomes thin

 will I continue to breathe?



 I’m a loner

 in a city with a million loners

 the planet calls me home

 and the stress I leave behind


 now is my chance

 to attain the next sphere

 and into the trance

 no more sadness and tears


 I’m a loner

 in a city with a million loners

 the planet calls me home

 and the stress I leave behind


 now is my chance

 to attain the next sphere

 and into the trance

 no more sadness and tears


 you’re the loners

 can't believe that it’s any other way

 don't try to fool yourselves

 go solo today

Instrumental finale

The Telepathic War


The Telepathic War

 (When Two Magicians Met on a Radioactive Planet)


 two Harmonauts portrayed a battle they had fought

 a psychic war for the dominion they had sought

 they sang their song - but their souls lived on

 a distant poisoned realm




we met it was prearranged

 and the planet was long sterilized

 by the wars of a race long dead

 their ghosts did cry and the wind through the mist


mist that lay a sulfuric stage

 the light that fell was too dim

 to see where Falerina did stand

 but soon the fibers of thought reaching through




 to deep in my head injecting

 the anger that you have seen me display

 and the pride - a disability

 I govern all worlds - but then there is you


 you cannot win this battle

 your will is broken - your options are gone

 I had offered you apprenticeship

 but you stood alone - you must have control




 control the fires that burn here forever

 splitting atoms are all that remain

 summon the memory of spirits that fly

 they cannot feel pain - for now they are dead


dead planet continues to spin

 though long ago it was home to a world

 a crazy chorus - a forest of rain

 but steel met steel - and power was king

 Brief Instrumental Section



when your logic prevails - you lose sight of my kind

 we exist for more than your pleasure

 the weapons I use are not the ones that you choose

 but do I hide them as if they were treasure


no time for your lies - emotive alibis

 the whole world rests on my shoulders

 don't show me your tears - I won't spare you the fear

 of joining those I have conquered

Chorus of Falerina and Psikeros:

 the silent despair of this place

 should move us to compromise

 the madness distorts local space

 light bends round our eyes

Instrumental (Guitar Solo)



I summon the tired, the weak, and the raped

 the ones who have become wild

 those unknowing fools who have broken the rules

 to stand, to fight, in this trial


 secret of the sword, gestalt de la guerre -

 I amplify aggression to seize her

 I call the warriors of time to this field -

 take part in this Martian fever



 the Wiccans of old, Joan of arc, I am told

 the sound, the flames, the magic

 Appalachian lands stolen from Cherokee hands

 the trail of tears, it’s tragic


 the psychosis builds - my fingers are wrapped

 you feel your nerve fibers twisted

 you can't withstand - the strength of this man

 you've lost your chance, you missed it



 I feel your grasp - your self-confidence

 you knew you'd win from the start

 You know, you're sharp - but here in my hand

 you see that I hold your heart


 this struggle can never be finished

 locked in deadly embrace

 I hope I’ve not hurt your self-image

 I see no fear not a trace

 Instrumental (harmonized synthesizers)

Realization and Fury


Realization and Fury: The Songs Have Been Stolen


 The time had passed

 the festival had ended

 the songs were stored in electronic memory

 the Recordist put the tapes away

 in a room but the merchant was there


 when the chance arose

 the tapes were taken by the man

 he tried to sell the sounds

 to the people

 the Harmonauts they witnessed then

 the death of mythology



 Illusions of fear: my song is gone

 I’ve traveled so far: to give - to be one

 of the Harmonauts: I’ve been betrayed

 by a machine - and by my brother


 this amounts to sacrilege

 they taped the festival

 and now control the secret faith

 of all Etherians


 I should have known the merchant was

 here to make more then a tune

 Isolier and that crazy machine

 have landed us in the news

Etherian Chorus:

 Return our mythology

 The reason of Etheria

 And restore our ancient belief

 we suffer from hysteria


 the few who have committed

 this act we cannot ignore

 will hold our songs and Etherians

 will live by faith no more

 the politics of music now

 it wears a different hue

 what is the value of a chord?

 I think I’ll write some blues


 the feelings of fear: are replaced now by anger

 the sound is so near: the sound of the enslaved

 I cannot remain: a cynic and a coward

 the action is there: we stand on our feet


 I’m a loner

 in a room with ten other loners

 maybe I’ll go outside

 to move - to fight - to win

 Harmonaut Chorus:

 Now is our chance

 to control our fate

 shape history

 and to find those tapes

Etherian Chorus:

 Return our mythology

 The reason of Etheria

 restore our ancient belief

 we suffer from hysteria


 I can hear them calling

 they long for the life they have known

 tapes now hold our stories

 religion lies still as a stone


 darkness now covers us all

 the vision I saw

 a world torn apart

 and we are to blame

Harmonaut Chorus:

 Now is our chance

 to control our fate

 shape history

 to find those tapes

 Ah Ah


The Explanation

The Explanation



all I did was show the world my invention

 a way to store a song that I heard

 words on a page

 capturing your soul was not my intention

 your voice has become a slave

 a prisoner in a cage


 how was I to know

 that they would corrupt it

 take my gift and use it to steal

 causing you grief

 tell me what can I do now

 to make it up?

 find the merchant and then burn the tapes

 punish the thief


 I heard you sing at the celebration

 filling my mind with light

 machines recorded the grand occasion

 not knowing wrong from right


 vibrating strings induce a certain sadness

 distant horns that play as the wind

 echo through time

 talking drums convey a feeling of madness

 hypnotizing those who would dance

 those who could rhyme

instrumental chorus


if I stood alone, awaiting the judgement

 what would history say of my crime

 does it fill me with fear?

 sentenced by the ones whose songs have

 been stolen

 run the tape of my voice crying out

 for the rest of my years


 I heard you play felt the sounds within me

 the recorders there heard you too

 locked away now the songs are frozen

 the legend that lived is no more


 I am on my knees seeking your forgiveness

 do you remember the love that we shared

 It’s hidden by night

 the spirit of our youth has gone now it is lost

 say you understand what I did

 bring me into light

 bring me into light

 bring me into light

On Forgiving

On Forgiving

 Polyxena's Reply



 you've come to me

 to explain what you have done

 You’re genuinely sorry

 I can see

 a song, most precious

 has been taken away

 and I can’t get it back

 lost forever, gone from me



 I cannot forgive you

 my anger is deep within

 I cannot forgive you

 can you forgive me?


 when I was young

 emotion colored my dreams

 and the world existed just for me

 as experience and knowledge

 they gave me harmony

 my song became my biography


 sound became thought

 and the feelings within

 that could not be spoken were revealed

 but now my mind is filled

 with darkness the storm is near

 love has left me now

 and that's how I feel



 I cannot forgive you

 my anger is deep within

 I cannot forgive you

 I could try ... I could lie

instrumental break: organ solo


 you've made a mistake

 you gave away my soul

 the melody that defines me

 I s gone

 and you hope I can understand

 and say it’s all right

 but I’m not a spirit - I am human

 and you've done me wrong


 the end of our love

 is hardest of all

 the final act, the encore,

 curtain call but once, you meant a lot to me

 an inspiration for all I achieved

 and now it's my fault, I’m sorry

 I have to leave



 I cannot forgive you

 my anger is deep within

 I cannot forgive you

 can you forgive me?

 can you forgive me?

 can you forgive me?

oh oh

Two Swords, Neurotoxin, Fire (Destroy the Tapes)


Two Swords, Neurotoxin, Fire (Destroy The Tapes)


 On board his ship readying for take-off.


 to err is human - escape is divine

 before the blood begins to spill

 their religion has taken a hit

 and they’re looking for someone to kill


 I was only doing my job

 playing the angle - making a score

 not the first time the ancient art

 of merchantry has started a war

 The Recordist comes into the freighter.



 You will not be leaving

 your troubles have just begun

 no longer deceiving

 I have come for those tapes



 Don't be a hero - don’t be a fool

 Etheria is not a worthy stage

 You' re the Recordist - you broke the rules

 don't look at me with eyes of rage


 I possess them - the tapes are mine

 and I’m headed for the black of space

 if you’re wise - you'll do the same

 I’d disappear soon without a trace


 Grabs a long sword from a rack.

 You will stand and fight

 I’m here - for Etheria

 you will do what's right

 or fear will invade your mind

 Merchant obtains another sword and they duel. Merchant scratches the Recordist. Recordist then stabs the Merchant


 if you are thinking that I’ll die alone

 the poisonous sword that I hold in my hand

 has scratched you and later your breathing will stop

 the end of the wonderful life you had planned

 ah ah

 The merchant ceases to be physiologically active.



 here they are - the tapes

 the music - the curse

 how could I have been so blind

 it’s cost me so much


 now I watch them burn

 the dark flames consuming

 and I feel the chemistry now

 it drags me away

 10 - Bridge

 will my ghost journey there to the canyon

 cut by glaciers from stone

 will it join with the wind in a chorus

 or freeze like ice - all alone


 I have felt the cold of space

 emptiness there

 I have walked through the river of time

 I’ve seen a thousand suns


 I can only wish my work here

 has touched her

 she'll reflect - and I’ll be alive

 alive in her mind

 alive in her mind

 alive in her mind

The Departure


The Departure

Etherian Crowd:

 the Harmonauts will return

 return in a thousand years

 but now their engines burn

 and we watch them through our tears


 the tapes destroyed

 the festival now over

 the rockets left the surface

 of Etheria

 their myth alive

 their spirits revived

 await the next return

Etherian Chorus:

 the Harmonauts will return

 return in a thousand years

 but now their engines burn

 and we watch them through our tears

 now deep in space


 Polyxena was alone

 her course was set

 for a new aquatic home

 a liquid world where life was young

 no humans to hear her words

Polyxena, alone in her rocket ship, readies herself for lengthy hibersleep.



I prepare now to hibernate

 and I wonder will it be deep

 in the dreamless time of the journey

 my anguish will sleep


 and you - you made the sacrifice

 the tapes destroyed - you saved the Cult of Sound

 and your memory becomes a fable

 but you're not around


 and I - I have forgiven you

 I was wrong - I was filled with pride

 I - I may have driven you

 to be reckless to forfeit your life



 my thoughts will fade quickly

 while Etheria fades now from view

 I’ll never go back

 to perform there

 I know it's true



 as the threads of my vision

 are tangled and pulled into night

 the image I see in my head

 the picture is you


 and I - I have forgiven you

 I was angry - I was filled with pride

 I - I have forgiven you

 did you forgive me?

 did you forgive me?

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