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Zones of Nuratopia
Act I

Lyrics for Act I (The Libretto)


Black space with stars. Planet approaches. Polyxena’s ship crash lands.



Asleep so peaceful an angelic face

Will the girl drift quietly forever in space


Navigation systems failed so the target is not known

A random trajectory will she ever find home


Her dream state alive voices in her head

A spirit from the future spins a mystical thread

Forces of gravity have guided the yacht

To an uncharted planet in its web she is caught

Through the air the ship falls so fast

Leaving the emptiness of the universe so vast


A land with an atmosphere welcomes our friend

Will she start a new life or is this the end


The end of her life - mysterious spell

Or a terrible challenge only time will tell


Our singer from space 

has arrived

On Nura - topia​

The Crash Landing


What was the sound? Another ship lands today

circuits engage – a rescue response

ship is damaged – it is crushed - signals say

Organic on board – perhaps I can help


Human in form and the gender is female

46 chromes – she’s hurt but not dead

Lies in deep sleep – she is cool, sedated

Controls are alive – and they talk ether web


I plug in some wires - send some commands - the ship to revive

pull her back from the brink - save her young life – to make her alive

The pump in her chest - it's starting to race - it’s pounding and loud

The lungs filling up - with cool oxygen - just like two clouds

Busier short instrumental break here.


Why? !!!!

Do I have this incredible pain?

Why does it feel like there are screws in my brain?

Why is my ship a clump of twisted steel?

Why am I alone?

And who – what are you?


I'm a machine - with wires and resistors

programs, equations – quite expensive

don’t have a mind - my head is full of transistors

robotic rules - switched on - extensive

Different guitar patch here.


 I’m alone on this planet – I don’t have a friend

A robot is not my first choice – but you’ll do.

My head is on fire – I’m going to faint

My vision is going to black – I’m so blue.

Polyxena faints, Thalamax catches her and lays her down.


She’s fainting – not strong – she'is in so much pain - she has so much stress

I’ll watch her for now – her mind is not well – her body needs rest.


My vision is blurry – my thoughts are unclear

As i drift into sleep – from the mist you appear

Your image is ghostly – I'm too weak to defend

But you seem so familiar – a peaceful old friend

Polyxena  enters dream state. Her dream spirit Andromeda appears.


I've been with you always – please don’t be afraid

I offer my words and my love I will send

Deep like the roots of a tree in your mind

So listen to my words - the truth there you'll  find


You need some allies

Put your mission on track.

Awake and walk eastward

To the pyramid - mountain of black.


I’m fading … I'm fading … as you wake, lose my form.

But I will come back – I will keep you from harm.

I will come back – I will keep you from harm.

Andromeda fades out of the scene. Polyxena wakes up - sits up.


I do not believe that was real – have no faith

I am alone - should I trust in a wraith?

She faded from view – she was there in my dream

She gave a command - what does this all mean?

The robot is probing and poking her. Polyxena stands up. 


 It seems like a thousand years ago

I stood with a group - we were friends.

We sang and this was part of a ritual

Then the concert was done - was the end.

And I had – a lover – we were mated - to wed

But he made a grave error – and now – he is … dead

I had a dream and the dream had a ghost

The ghost gave instructions to run to the Pyramid Mountain.

Thalamax and Polyxena set out to the Pyramid Mountain.

Sargon Joins the Project

Poly and Thalamax come upon Sargon cooking lunch. There they find a camp where Sargon is roasting some beast on a stick. He is happy to see them. The beast he is cooking is an indigenous life form called a shroat (looks like a Centaur). 


Black, black charcoal, overcooked it again

This freshly killed shroat – its bitter not sweet

These things are hard to find – even harder to catch.

If you overcook shroat meat … its toxic to eat.


Hello there – I ‘m sorry – your dinner is spoiled

But look – here I am – your blind date for the eve

I know you are hungry – my name is Poly

And this is my robot – he’s called Thalamax.

Sargon stands and then realizes he has company. Frowns at the robot but smiles at the girl.


 I’ve lived here for years

On this lonely strange planet

Dreaming of escape but hiding in fear

No one to talk to – hoping for transit

Need to escape – to get out of here.


Hoping for transit

Off this strange little world


The place of my birth is called Colony 5

The fifth large moon had a base – we lived there

My father was a farmer growing plants and bovines

My mother was a micro-code engineer


We had no money

On that rocky little world


You had no money on that rocky little world.


My parents worked hard – they had jobs on the side

They put money away for my school in a stash.

Flight school - I got in – first time I applied

Tuition was high – and it burned all their cash


The Space Navy College – I wanted to fly.


The Space Navy College – you wanted to fly.


Fly hard and fly fast I became quite an ace

I can fight like a matador in a pen with a bull

Then move out with my ship and leave not a trace

Just the broken remains of defeated space soldiers


And then came the mission –it would be my last

Capture some pirates – revenge for the pillage

I flew the mission  - but I damaged my craft

I crash landed here – no rescue – no village


You crash landed here – no rescue – no village


And so I have been on this strange little world

I've met a few humans – not many you see

The few I did meet were not well – disabled

Bodies were broken – they died very fast


I did meet a man just a few years ago

He was beaten and sick – the poor guy was not well

But he gave me a story – he told me a tale

The planet had zones - and each zone has a spell


You met a poor man a few years ago.

And he told you stories about this strange world

The planet has zones – and each zone has a spell?


The planet has zones and each zone has a field.

They stretch to the East to the Sun as it shines

One cannot walk – there are walls - psycho-shield

The barriers are dangerous – they're not benign


The barriers are neuro-bleach – a strong soap

The barriers scrub – and erase memories

Memories are gone – the thoughts of the past.

Producing amnesia – removing your soul


Barriers will bend and distort and erase


The barriers erase the memories of our past

So how can we cross – and get away from this crash

Are we cursed to stay in this primitive place

Live as hunters – not the tribal-tech-jammers of space


You were a tribal-tech-jammer – what’s that?


Erasure only affects your organic brains

I do not have neurons - I cannot feel pain

If you turn me off and the barrier is crossed

Mem'ry is safe - No data is lost -


The man – he was broken – he could not be saved

He gave few details – just fragments and clips.

The zones are all different – just like rolling the dice

With beauty and freedom and pleasure – sounds nice


Some zones are warlike – with battles and blood

With fighting and skirmish and fire from above


With fighting and skirmish and fire from above

That sounds very dreadful – I have seen enough blood.

My boyfriend – my lover – I’ve seen enough blood.


These stories are right – I think that they are

Zonus Centralis – there we must go

To see the King of Machines – a journey quite far

The King’s name is Brainstem – a computer I know


The state of this planet means Brainstem’s not well

Infected by malware – he is broken not dead

The system malfunctions – and creates all the zones

A once peaceful Eden – now a horror instead


We need to be bold and to journey East

To find this great Brainstem - electronic beast

Find answers, find freedom, our path to the sky

Return to my Harmonaut roots – we must try


I want to go home – settle down – have a child.


She wants to go home – settle down – have a child.


We’ll journey to the East, we need to be bold

To find this great Brainstem – he must be quite old


This is the plan – the plan for our group.  

First, we will turn GI Cyber Joe off.

Then I will sew this map to my coat.

I hope and I pray I can read it and follow

I hope and I pray I can read it and follow


Read the map and follow


Did you just call me GI Cyber Joe?


Good night Thalamax.

She switches him off and they roll him through the barrier.

Run – now we run through the barrier – go!

I hope I am not going to erase my life in a second.

They both run full speed across the barrier.

Zone of Confusion 1

All three have crossed the first barrier and are in the Zone of Confusion. The robot is off. The short term memories are erased due to the Barrier. The three are separated.


There once was a man from the river

Who could catch a big fish with a shiver

Each fish that he took

Instead of a hook

He shot them with arrows from his quiver

He finds Thalamax but does not recognize him.

There once was a man with a great ship

Left port with his crew on a big trip

He hunted a whale

With a thousand pound tail

Wrecked his boat and gave him the slip

He fades out and leaves the scene.


I feel my hands – but I can’t feel my head.

My thoughts are a jumble – making words is a chore

I have no past, no future, no home.

My legs are stiff – terrified to the bone.


Run from this place – but to where – and for what

I do not know my name – cannot recall the plot

The process of thinking it’s not very deep.

My vision is a blur – I am tired I must sleep.

Polyxena lies down and sleeps. In her dream-state Andromeda tries to speak to her.  Andro entry sound is not correct.


The world is waiting for you warrior princess.

You were once a child but not now.

Your friends are in need – in trouble - Polyxena

Wake up – read your coat – that’s the plan.

A loud sound wakes Poly up. Humanoids have found the robot and are trying to take it apart. She remembers Andromeda and looks at her jacket, finds the instructions (which are in picture form and in words).


Junkman is trying to tear Thalamax apart.

Pounding, ripping, dissect with my tools

Rusting piece of junk that I have found

I can trade these parts for food and fuel

Sell wires and RAM – metal by the pound


I hear these sounds – nothing makes sense

I understand fear – I’m nervous and tense.

I feel my pulse – my heart skips a beat

So hard to breathe – I am sick from the heat


Continues to pound on Thalamax with tools.

Junkyard salvage – circuit boards and more

Tearing, breaking – ripping to the core

Alchemy – make money from the sale

Copper cables – buy me keg of ale


I feel my hands – but I can’t feel my head.

My thoughts are a jumble – making words is a chore

Wait – I remember that ghost in my dream.

She told to me to read from my coat – what’s that mean?

She reads her coat and then recalls the plan.

Hey you! get away – from my robot – he’s asleep

I can turn him on if I toggle this switch

Don't make me strike you - I can be a witch

He'll clear the confusion – it is so very deep

Junkman runs away before Poly canes him. She turns Thalamax on. The robot boots up slowly and when fully awake, tells Polyxena who she is and her immediate mission (to first find Sargon).


lost none of my memories – and now we can go

On with this mission – impossible dream

We must find Sargon – he's here in this zone.

We need him now on this team.

They run through the scene and find Sargon. Sargon is still confused and singing limericks. They tell Sargon who he is and the mission.

Zone of Confusion 2


There once was a beautiful girl

Golden hair twisted in fine curls that was

Along came a suitor

Who tried to pursue her

She said I’m a diamond not a

His lovely limerick is interrupted by Polyxena.


Sargon you need to pull your mind into gear  

There’s a mission my friend - we need you here

We need you to pull your mind from the maze

To clear out the smoke – return from the haze.


Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;

I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

The evil that men do lives after them;

The good is oft interred with their bones;

Thalamax tasers Sargon.

Hey! What was that – a terrible sting?

Who would do such a thing?

Are you to strike me with such a violent blow

It felt like a bolt of crude lightning


Sargon do you realize that we are your kind

The Zone of Confusion – has mixed up your mind

It alters the waves and the paths of your brain

The Zone works like a drug – it does dull the pain

The group plans the next step. They all agree that the Z/C is not any fun. The plan: Sargon and the robot will move across first. Poly will give them 24 hours so that they can find each other and regroup. They cross.


The smoke and the haze that has tortured my sight

Mixed neurotransmitters - a sorcerer's brew

I’m crying inside for some clarity some light

I am done with this zone – let me out – let me through


To the next zone – whatever that is

Continue our mission – our quest – to our goal

Sargon, Polyxena, Thalamax

Zone of Confusion - Let me escape

Zone of Confusion – It’s way too sedate

We have – a mission – freedom we seek

The center – the point – where our answers are found


I have a variation of the plan

Robot and I will cross barrier first.

You will wait for here for one single day

We will prepare for you – make the way safe

Sargon and Thalamax

Safe for you – when your cross – safe for you when you cross – when you cross


Safe for you when you cross


What are you saying? We can’t separate.

Like a creature feature –teenage girl all alone.

Alone with a vampire – cold evil incarnate

A killer or ghost – rip her flesh from her bones

Maybe I'm confused –  not making sense

Because of this region, because of this Zone

You're a computer – your circuits intense

I will wait here … I will wait here… alone.


The end of the mind and its spark – it’s a shock

Losing my life – then a resurrection

Hard to prepare for the empty black sky

Dare I plead with Great Spirit – before the erase


Like plunging head first - ice cold mountain stream

The shock is a nightmare - no friendly dream

Sargon and Polyxena turn off and then push Thalamax into the barrier. They embrace and then he runs across. She is left alone. 


Zone Of Confusion 3

A trio of the Preliving Seductroids moves thought the vicinity. Poly is able to remain hidden inside a crude hut. She feels the icy wind of their presence, feels the intense fear and cruelty in their ghostly shapes. The trio picks a hapless humanoid, sing their siren song, trap the humanoid in a trance, fall on the person, and drain him of all memory/thought content leaving a dry dead shell. They become more potent and fly away.


Hunger for the neurochemical flow

Axons and pathways of the brain of our prey

Feed on the particles that make up the soul

Victims are unprotected unaware are they

Vabriez stands along and the  ds surround him like a pack of wolves.


Don’t be afraid       


I feel very calm now


Reach for my hand.


I feel like I’ve known you


We've been in your dreams


Do you come here often?


Desperate for love


I'm haunted by your song.


We sing for you.


Your voice is hypnotic.


Curves for your eyes


I cannot look away


What are you feeling?


submit to your will


We have what you want


I want to be held

The seductroids encircle the man. He is afraid but is beyond escape.


I want you.


Hands reaching to my soul


We love you.


You have the control


Seduce you.


I've lost all of my strength


Consume you.


Take me I'm yours.

Vabriez drops and goes unconscious. The Seductroids cover him and touch him with their hands and feed on his spirit energy. Then they move quickly into the shadows. He is no longer alive. Death by ecstasy.

Polyxena has watched this and is stunned and shocked. Strings louder here, punchy guitar.


Oh infinite Spirit – please save me please help me

Protect me from those fallen angels of lies

I cannot believe I did not try to help him.

But their song – their spell – had me paralyzed.

I have to get out of this zone – it’s a curse

The mental distortion was bad – this is worse.

If beautiful sirens can seduce one of us

Our project is doomed – we may not escape


I have to remember this poisonous threat

I’ll draw a mnemonic into my warm coat

Three skulls will remind me – will warn me –

Of Se – duc – troids.

Polyxena draws three skulls on her coat. She hears a distant sound and is startled. She then moves to the barrier and prepares to cross. Polyxena runs through the barrier. One of the Seductroids returns to the scene.

Seductroid 1

I can sense another spirit - a soul

She is trapped in her flesh – she's alive

not like the dullards who inhabit this zone.

She would be a feast for my sisters

and me.

She disappears.


The Council Chair Has Died

In another place, there is a meeting of the council of Harmonautics. They discuss the recent disappearance (or death) of the Council Chairwoman, Truxina Tritonika. The Chair has a formal royal title, Xarina. Without a Chair, the management of Harmonauts and the assignment of Harmonauts to new underdiscovered worlds is in jeopardy. The Harmonauts have the duty to visit new worlds for new story/songs and to spread the religion. The Great Tome of Harmonautics is opened to much fanfare to read the requirements of the next Chair. The Book is written with invisible ink that can only be made visible by a certain wavelength of light that is not known. This wavelength is discovered in a later scene.  Once this is done, the search can begin for the new Chair. Bigger drumbeat chords.

Councilman Zzan Alphox

I have gathered you here with some urgency

To announce that our Chair, Tritonika -- Is deceased

Our beloved Xarina's not been well lately

Her Suff'ring has ended, her spirit is released.  

Councilwoman Veralina Jushak

This untimely passing – as one, we have cried           

Leaves us with no one – no powerful head

To direct the Harmonauts to star systems wide

To gather fine stories – without her we’re aimless instead.


our Chair, Tritonika, gone – what a shock!

The Harmonauts will drift – their melodies plain

No longer will they give grand concerts that rock

No spiritual fire – no gentle wind – and no soul train  

Zzan Alphox

There is a void that her death has created

 too soon to panic my friends – we must remain calm

After the funeral and she is cremated

When the ashes are cooled, we rest until dawn

Veralina Jushak

You will be searching – you'll look to the stars

A new Chair appointed – to guide us - to stand

You will find a Leader – who plays the syntar

Woodwinds or brass or piano – lead this great band

Zzan Alphox

There is a book that is locked in a vault.

The book has the answers – it will lead a new charge.

The great book will comfort – put fear to a halt

The great book will guide - in our hunt for Xarina.

All Council Members

great book is hidden - locked in a vault

great book will comfort – put fear to a halt.

Search for


Zone of Eros


The group (Thalamax, Sargon) have moved into the next Zone. They did not know which zone they will enter (they don’t have that much information). The climate is warm here, soft mood music plays. There are couples and triples moving sinuously in ritual dances in the scene. The robot is of course in OFF and lying quietly near a strange tree.


Calming warm winds that carry a sound

Sound that is almost too quiet to hear

Sound of the invisible net - we are bound

We touch – and sway as lovers – as friends.

Sargon is fully aware but has no memory of his place or duty. He moves to a fire where a large fish-like creature is being turned slowly over glowing radioactive rocks. A girl beckons to him and offers him some fish-flesh; he takes it. She gives him drink and he becomes light-headed. She pulls him into her group and trance dance with haunting chorus occurs. He is overtaken with the dance and as night falls, he joins the girl in her hut.


My dear you are such an excellent chef

This fish-flesh is tender – melts away on my tongue


I have been taught that the way to a man

Is to nourish his body – to steady his stance

So let me give you this potion – this drink

As the heat builds – our rhythm enhanced


Calming warm winds that carry a sound

Sound that is almost too quiet to hear

Sound of the invisible net - we are bound

We touch – and sway as lovers – as friends.                                                                                  

The Zone of Eros


Your potion is strong – it’s relaxing my nerves

But its chemicals are confusing my thoughts – have to say

But you are a goddess – a sculpture of curves

Would you show me your dance, can you teach me ballet?


On my warm shoulders - place your strong hands

follow my lead – ancient rhythms control

The energy points of the spine (called chakra)

A mineral spring - Feel the universe flow

Sargon and Sensualita dance.


Calming warm winds that carry a sound

Sound that is almost too quiet to hear

Sound of the invisible net - we are bound

We touch – and sway as lovers – as friends.


The Zone of Eros

The Zone of Eros

Sargon and Sensualita swirl off stage (into their love nest).

Polyxena moves through the area and misses the robot. The position of the robot across the barrier field is not correct. She is alone and does not know that she is in a group at all. [instrumental romantic 16 bars]


Now why was I worried – why was I stressed?

My head feels quite light … my body’s in the mood

I’m single – and lonely – there is warmth in my breast

My mind is on fire – my thoughts seem so lewd

Yet I am tired – so tired – so sleepy – I must rest

The sensual movements and smooth music cause her to become drowsy and she drifts into sleep near a gentle stream of flowing water. Again, her dream spirit comes to her. The spirit instructs her: She must find the man with golden hair before he becomes a parent.


Hello I am back glad to have some air time

When you are awake I am gone – disappear

I get to be live – to move free in your dreams

A strange occupation – how did I get here?


You’re now by yourself in the Valley of Love

You may get distracted – in this funhouse of skin

But you have to get back to the mission you chose

Break free from the pheromone - estrogen


When you wake up you must remember my words

You’ve got to move fast, rescue Sargon from the pest

Sensualita has power - she snared his weak mind

And will trap him here – she’s feathered her nest.


You’ll have to stay sharp – don’t be dull – don’t be weak

Seduction is strong – blinded studies have shown

You have to stay cool even cold in this heat

Find your robot, find Sargon – get out of this zone


And one last idea you must learn this spell      

This spell will protect you – protect you it will

This is a spell that will protect Polyxena later.

Vo wai sen thar -  kor shai rem tranx

Sh’ai rey zo qwen – dey vrex lu tron

Zone of Eros 2

Polyxena awakens and she is in a very dark hut with two other people. They dance lovingly. Musical jam here. They dance furiously until they collapse into sleep.


Your hands on my back – the pleasure that heals

How long did I wait for this heat – for this score?

I’m single – unattached – I’m ready to feel

Your skills are fantastic – can we do it once more?

Making love has made me sleepy – I must rest

The spirit states that she is on a mission, she needs to wake up and find her team. The mission will fail if she does not continue. A vision is fabricated in her dream and that vision is one of destruction: living things are gone, only bones and fossils and ashes are seen. The great statue of the Harmonauts is shown in the vision as broken and lying in pieces.


Poly my dear you got caught in the zone

Listen to me - I will say this again

I know this is fun – intoxication

You have a mission – you must stay with the plan


If you should fail, there is terrible breach

This place will turn into a wasteland of death

And to other planets your failure will reach

Inhale the cool air – take a deep breath


Oh yes one more thing - A new soul you'll find

Into your heart and your group you must bring

A waif, a lost child, She has magic you’ll need

Resourceful and smart and she’s cute like a puppy

Polyxena wakes up. Remembers the spirit’s words. At this point, Poly meets Daphne. Daphne tries to steal from Polyxena (her staff and coat) but Polyxena will have none of that; she wakes up and confronts the girl. Initially very irritated at the child, she talks to her and finds out her background.


Hello little creature of trouble

Did you think that I was a mark?

My coat is warm and protects like a bubble

But you may not have it – it carries a map


A map that I need for my feet where to tread

Why do I need this? Where does it lead?

A map and a mission – assigned to my head

Go away – run away – run from here - la jeune fille

Daphne starts to cry.

Hello little creature – a girl – you’re alone

Fragile and lost I see - please don’t cry

You must be cold - with no food – and no home

My dreams told me you would appear – now – but why


Why in the midst of this dangerous game

Would a tiny girl come to me now

Forces of unnatural power untamed

Are stalking me – I must start toward my goal

Finding that she has no family, she asks her if she wants to leave the planet. The child is ready for some new adventure and joins the team. Poly explains that there is danger all around but Nurotopia may be unstable and she should go with them.



Who are you? Why would you be kind to me now?

I tried to rip that warm coat don’t you see?

My name is Daphne – I have no one and nothing

I'm cold – so alone – my friend - can you be?


I have lived here In this place – born in the darkness

Lived with a group – they were not very good

Taught me to steal and to fight – stay alive

Grown-ups don't see us – I wish that they would


Old ones spend all of their time in their dances

Spin and they twist and they move in the night

Kids sneak around and survive – we take chances

Living in shadow – we don’t see the light


Don’t know your plans - can you please take me with you

Know a few tricks I can help - really can

Don’t leave me here in this place – I don’t like it

You’re on a journey – a quest – sounds like fun.

Polyxena gives her friends a hug and a light kiss and moves quickly out of the hut into the dim light.


My dear it was quite the adventure

I find you quite pleasant - I must be on my way

She turns her attention back to Daphne.

Daphne you will be my daughter my friend

Together we go now; we’ve got to move - to race

I read the message that’s sewn on my coat

It seems there are others on this mission from space


A soldier and a robot – they may have no meme

We have to find them they're here in this zone.

They may be together or they may be alone

Together we search for them - through this scene

Zone of Eros 3

Polyxena and Daphne move through the village and come upon the cliff that is one half of a full rock sphere; there is a hut there and she enters to find Sargon dancing slowly with a young black haired girl.


This place is wild – exciting - darkness and heat

Seductive forces – casual matings – what a treat.

Look - There he is – and what’s this? – He’s made a new friend.

She looks like a tramp – and three’s a crowd – so let me cut in

She cuts in and begins dancing with Sargon.


Easy now darling there’s no reason to shove

You and Sensualita can share – do you think?

Your athletic quads – I could fall in love

You seem a bit tense – would you like a strong drink?

They kiss dramatically. Short instrumental here.


Ok that was pleasant but we really just met

Wait - I recognize you - the planet makes me forget

Sargon – you know me we are in a great race

To save Nuratopia – escape back to space

He tries to embrace her and push her into a dance. She slaps him.


Now I like the dances, sacral dermatome spin

But I can’t say that pain as recreation I like

So, try not to hit me so hard – it's kind of mean

I think you meant that – You are really not my type.


You're under a spell - of lust I think you'll find

Like a potion this atmosphere has suppressed your logical mind

Parasympathetic - nerves now in control

Procreation is wonderful - we run there - that's the goal

She kisses him hoping that will bring him back.


Your lips are delicious. I remember now - don't you know.     

We have met before; and I know you’re feeling blue.

Let’s go find the robot and continue this show.

Now tell me - who is this kid; is she on this trip too?

Daphne glares at Sargon. Polyxena explains the kid.


I do not have time for long introductions

This is miss Daphne she’s joined us – don’t know why

Deep and mysterious voice has propelled me

She knows this planet – she might be of some help


She is alone – with no family – and though we

Do have a mission – I still have empathy

She’s a survivor – toughed it out since age three

We will help her now though – she does not need sympathy.


The group find the robot and wakes him up. The robot is surprised that a new member of the band has appeared. He scans Daphne for parasites and records her cortical patterns for later recall if needed. He tells her that he is sorry that she has lost her parents. Daphne is an awkward teenager and does not want to talk about it.


Our mission goes on - future is not bright   

We have a new friend – she might slow us down

Poor little vagrant - scanned for parasites

Memory meld tells me why the big frown


This is my smile you bucket of bolts              

Don’t like you probing my head that is rude

I have no trust in those living on volts

Memories are mine please do not intrude


It seems little Daphne is lost - parents gone

She has raised herself – the art of the dodge

Has lived here this long picking pockets for thrills

And she has some intriguing musical skills       


Won’t miss this zone – it was always quite sad

Thank you. Now stop. Please get out of my head.

Don't love those other kids they were quite bad

Want to be close to you Poly instead


Electromagnetic field in this region  

Signals that show metal armor – I read

I do not recall any lost legion

We will be captured - need to make speed

First they turn off Thalamax and push him across the barrier. Then Sargon crosses. Lastly, Daphne and Polyxena move some distance and cross.


What do we feel when this crossing occurs?

Will it hurt? Does it burn?

Tell me the truth?


I am afraid – please don’t let me be hurt

I will trust you – I know you’ll protect me

I'm scared. I am scared.                               


This adventure – does have some risk

You can stay behind with your friends - stay if you want

I am here – I am with you

We will cross as a team - I’ll be in front


I want to stay with you – guess I’m OK

It’s just that I’ve never left this sweet zone

This is the only world that I have seen

Will you Oh Poly - will you be my mom?

They cross into the next zone. When they are gone the Phalanx including Vitrex rush in and are frustrated that they find no one but the dancing lovers of the Zone of Eros.


No one is here General Vitrex

Your spies have given you poor information - that is clear.


They got away – escaped us – I can sense   

feeling their presence - their smell in the air

 small band and weak they have little defense

Track them and crush them - trap them in a snare


Invaders from space - threaten our world of Zones

They move through the barriers - I know they were here

They have living flesh and skin on their bones

We'll hunt them down - they will cry out with fear


I will find this rebel band.


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