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Lyrics for Rock Opera ZANTHONIKA © 2022 Jeffrey L. Sponsler

The Lyrics

1)    Overture

Black space with stars. Planet approaches. Daphne In Sleep.


2)    Bazek and Miachez

This is the introductory song. Miachez is cleaning the room and Bazek notices her. She has been the castle chambermaid for some time but has reached womenhood and he is attracted to her. Awkwardly they talk and then open up. Bazek is from the Royal Destinoids and Miachez is a slave girl from the Subcognatives. For centuries, this class structure has been preserved. They discuss the rumors about the Harmonauts and how the history books talk of the past return and that it is near the next Millenial boundary and the next return. Bazek states that he does not believe in mystical stories. Miachez states she has seen a Harmonaut woman in her dreams (Daphne) and she feels sure that they are coming. Her people hope that the Harmonauts will bring them equality – raise them up from their oppressed state. Bazek notes that this is all foolishness.


Soap and hot water day in and day out

My life as a house maid from birth until death

Brushing and sweeping – wash the filth out

Working until I take my last breath


My people are under the Royals so grand

Their life full of parties and balls - how they dance

They wear such fine clothing and jewels on their hands

Would any of them notice me – not a chance


Deep in my heart –beating grows strong

My life’s a start – I know there is more



I heard you speak – have we met – you look tired

Under your grime and your sweat – could be fair

He washes dirt from her face with a rag.

Now see that is better – a lovely young girl

Please tell me your name – the glow of your face - lights the air


I have swept and washed the floors in this home

Four years or more – only now do - you see

My hair is tangled –no golden comb

My name is my own –I long to be free                              


Don’t be so short – I was just being kind

Go back to your scrubbing – mopping the deck

Do hide your name – means nought – to my mind

I give you mine – my father called me Bazek


You gave me yours – so I’ll give you mine

Well that sounded racy – I might like to play

My mouth is a serpent – projecting bad lines

I’ll stop now – embarrassed – I’m sorry - sir my name is Miachez


You are entertaining – how bold – you are fun

But I’m not permitted to mingle with any slaves

I want to see you – watch you dance in the sun

It would upset my mother – I must behave


Run away little boy – run to your mom

Prepare for a scolding – you’re not quite a man

Do what you’re told – no thoughts on your own

Forget filthy slave girl – don’t care – I don’t give a damn


How dare you speak to me – wench – in that tone

You’re less than a rat – crawl back to your hole

I am very sorry to have noticed you alone

I was just being nice – trying to be a kind soul


Forget it your Highness – I’m too poor to offend

Just scraps on a plate – trash in the drum

Your rule on this world is short lived – it will end

Will end very soon – it will end when the Harmonauts come


Oh no do not tell me in that myth you trust

No ghosts in the fog – no singers from space

Yell and insult me – curse if you must

But you’ll not convince me – you don’t have a case


I know that it’s true – so it would seem

The thousand year mark – it comes in one week

A spirit came to me – she came in a dream

She said god would answer – my prayer

Give to me – at last

The freedom that I seek.


3)    Omunxar

Deep space on a fighter craft, Military Commander Omunxar meets with his team. The discussion includes the Dominion of the Local Spiral Arm of the Galaxy. A science advisor reports to Omunxar that there is new knowledge: that on planet Tektonika there is a race with a bloodline that contains a nucleotide sequence that when decrypted encodes the multi-dimensional SuperString Theory. The Theory provides awesome energy/power to its owner. Omun states that they must travel to Tektonika and find the bloodline.


Meetings - more meetings Oh what are they for?

Wasting of time pushing papers around

I was made for the fight –talking’s a bore

Crush opposition – steal silver by the pound


The Dominion Parliament wants an Empire

 Spiral Arm of our Galaxy – every last world

To conquer the planets – crush them with fire

Enslave the inhabitants  - sell off the girls


My fighters and battle groups need fuel - don’t you know

An engine requires heat - plutonium to break

We’ve mined out the nuclides – deep down below

I’m running a Navy – the War - it is at stake


Sir I have news please listen to me

We have tortured a man and he gave us details

The nine dimensions – there are superstrings

The harmonics are unknown – big science has failed

Points to a star system on a map.

Seek and you’ll find on this primitive rock

A humanoid race – carries the code – this we think

This code is the frequencies – waves to unlock

Superstring theory – the great missing link


Each string has a wavelength – this much we know

If you have this information – the answer is there

An infinite supply of energy flow

Are you listening to me? Hello – do you care?


This technical jargon to me seems a waste

The torturing part – now that’s fun and that’s fine

Send a scout to this world – and make haste

I need some rest now – and three concubines

Daphne Descends

1)    Daphne Descends

Daphne has been in Space Sleep. She wakes on her ship and begins to land. This is her first Harmonaut mission as she just finished growing up and finishing the School of Fine Harmonautics. She is worried about being worshiped. She misses Polyxena.


Waking, slowly – how long did I sleep?

The path down to the land so very steep.

Left my home world – my secret base

Alone, cold, frightened, empty space


My craft is near the planet so blue

Zanthonika – ahead now it’s true

I have been well trained – I’m ready – I know

Historically speaking – concerts don’t go


Smoothly – with peace – no, chaos will rule

Conflict is waiting –fate is so cruel

I have my orders – obey them until

Destiny, prophecy – there is no free will


Months of sleep – I remember no dreams

I’m awake back to work so it seems

Brilliant painful - light – yes it burns

Harsh truth


On axis –

Little world turns

Little world turns

Little word turns

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