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I want to thank the following people who have contributed to the various forms of this play:

To the players on this recording (John Turner, Carrie Tansie Ishie, Jane Lamar-Spicka, Jill Skivington, Dan Rehner, Bill Cozzo, Claudia Friedlander, Jeff Parish, Dan McDonald, Hutch Hutchinson, Howdy Connelly, Amy Wishart) you deserve and own my heart forever for giving these songs life. A special note to John Turner: your time and creativity were critical to these recordings.

I also want to express thanks to the following who supported live versions of this play: Charlotte Nelson, Kevin Ford, Steve Paris, Jeff Cawthon, Gloria Mahin, Ward Paine, guitarist Kevin Segrist, Tressa Stevens, Rex Saffer, Mike Potter, Mike Brutvan, Renee Brutvan, Caroline Luppo.

Love and thanks to Charlotte and my Mother. Thanks to my family for their support.

To The Listener: This play is inspired by various works of science fiction and fantasy expecially literature and films. Throughout the lyrics are references to some of these works and your mission is to discover as many of these as you can. There is no prize for doing this other than having some literary fun. Thanks for visiting our exotic world and its unusual mythology.

– Jeff

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