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The Cast of
The Zones of Nuratopia

Cast in Order of Appearance

Narrator: Charlotte Nelson

Thalamax: Stephen Sponsler

Polyxena: Lisha Antiqua

Andromeda: Katie Heller

Sargon: Jeff Sponsler

Junkman: Edward Washington

Seductroids: Aspen Bakner

Vabriez: Jarett Hardy

Veralina: Aspen Bakner

Council Chorus: Edward Washington

Chorus of Eros: Maia Gimm

Sensualita: Aspen Bakner

Daphne: Kalea Sponsler

Vizious: Jarett Hardy

Vitrex: Bronson Stewart

Cannibelles: Maia Gimm

Chorus of Joy: Maia Gimm

Holyman: Chris Mendoza

Mariella: Maia Gimm

Chorus of Zonus Centralis: Lisha Antiqua, Jeff Sponsler

Brainstem: Chris Mendoza

Male Chorus of Coronation: Jeff Sponsker, Edward Washington

Female Chorus of Coronation: Lisha Antiqua


Lisha Antiqua
The voice of POLYXENA. Lisha has been involved with this project since the beginning. On the draft of Zones, she helped Jeff develop the melodies for all female characters.


Kalea Sponsler

The voice of DAPHNE. Daphne is a lonely girl who Polyxena meets in Zone d'Eros and who joins the team (as she is always looking for scary fun). Kalea is also credited as assistant recording engineer; she ran Pro Tools for most of Jeff's vocal recordings.

Stephen Sponsler

The voice of THALAMAX, a robot and companion to Polyxena on her long journey to the Central Zone.


Overwhelmed by the giant API 1608 Mixer​. Other duties on this project include voice of SARGON, sequencing, guitars, flutes, synthesizers, recording engineer, mix engineer.

Aspen Bakner

Aspen Bakner performed the voice of VERALINA and the CANNIBELLES.

Edward Washington III

Voice Talent for the character JUNKMAN.

Charlotte Nelson

Voice talent for the poem introduction song, "Prolog"


Katie Heller

Voice talent for the character ANDROMEDA. The dream spirit, Andromeda, appears only during sleep to Polyxena, and gives her unsolicited advice and counseling. 


Chris Mendoza

Voice talent for BRAINSTEM and for THE HOLYMAN

Maia Gimm


Bronsen Stewart

Voice talent for GENERAL VITREX, leader of the Phalanx (resident Nuratopian Armed Forces)

Jarret Hardy_edited.jpg

Jarret Hardy

Voice talent for VABRIEZ.

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