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The Zones of Nuratopia


At the end of ETHERIA, the lovely Harmonaut Polyxena flies off into space to seek new adventures. Her craft crashes on a strange planet and she is rescued by a big friendly robot, Thalamax. With the robot she sets out to find some answers and a way to get home. She meets a handsome but danger loving and stranded pilot, Sargon. With some fragmentary details from Sargon and from Thalamax, she begins a journey through psycho-active zones to find a god-like computer, Brainstem, who resides in the Zonus Centralis. Each region of the planet causes changes in the brain function of hominids and each region (or zone) has a force field wall that erases short term memory. When Polyxena sleeps a mysterious dream spirit, Andromeda, appears to give her advice. This musical play documents Polyxena's complicated and challenging journey through the Zones of Nuratopia. Enjoy the ride.


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