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A certain weariness has fallen over my friends and myself now that they have gone from our planet. We are left with little or no energy as these players from space have exited amidst the thunder of rocket engines. The Harmonauts have taken us to heights of great atmosphere, delirium and ecstasy, chaos and ultimately ruination. In the brief time that they were here, we each felt that we were witnesses to a fantastic and important event. We were seeing what was not even considered reality just weeks before. I recall the times so well and, in a certain way, wish that I could relive the short time that they were here.

I want to see it all again because we were, each of us, more alive then. The heart beat stronger in the chest, the wind blew warmer on our skin, and the stinging air of our world burned our eyes a bit less. With the tales that they told, the stars lying cool in the heavens seemed closer. These travelers from space brought us the stars and they carried with them ideas strange and stories so rich in detail that we could feel the strike of steel on steel and the menacing power of non-organic humanoids. We could sense the god-like power of love over all living creatures. And, oh yes, we could hear the scales, the chords, the rhythms, and the sounds that were but a promise before.

We heard the Harmonauts, and they jammed, and their improvisations will resonant inside our heads for another thousand years. I will not be here when the next cycle is completed and so I relate to you these stories and you must relay them to others so that the foundation of our planet’s people will remain strong. Do not allow the thread to break. Keep the legend alive. And never forget what I tell you at this exact moment in infinite time: The Harmonauts Will Return.

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