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Zones Act II

Lyrics for Act II

Entr’Act II

Overture for the second act.

Zone of War

Sargon appears first and is immediately in a ground fight. There are two groups that are battling with spears and shields. All are in masks. Several are incapacitated or killed. He grabs a shield and a staff and begins fighting.


This is more like it – combat hand to hand

New to this fight – I must choose one team

This group is losing – their blood on the land

They do need my help – I’ll kick up some steam

Unclear which team he should side with; he picks the group that seem to be losing and they rally and chase off the other group.

We rallied – we won – we’re clearly the best

Let’s plunder the spoils – rich pay for our trade

My brothers in victory – chain mail on my chest

Let’s search for the next fight – amputate with my blade

Sargon and his warrior team run from the area. He disappears from the scene.

Polyxena has crossed and of course is without memories. She runs quickly and hides behind a tree. A sword is lying and she picks it up. At first, she is unsure about it but then executes some crafty sword work and decides it might be useful. She hears screams of the fight and decides to seek shelter. Daphne sees this and hides. The barrier has not cleared her memories (she is a child and is immune from the dementification).


I made it out of Eros – I am unsure and alone

I can’t recall my mission – but I know it's on this map

Where is little Daphne – I don’t see her in this zone

This place seems so gloomy –  feels like a trap

She runs into a woodsy area and encounters the Beast. The sword is no match and the Beast picks her up to take her into his lair. He puts her in a cage.

My weapon does not pierce. What is this and who are you?  

Your hide is like tree bark – and like steel it will not bend

You look very hungry – will you kill me now – for food

I fear for my life – Is this the sad end?

Polyxena passes out from shock and fear. The Beast settles down for a nap; he will feed later when he is hungry. Andromeda appears in a dream sequence. Andromeda gives Poly information about where there is a cache of powerful weapons (neutron rifle). She shows her that Sargon is captured and that she must go to him. She also gives Poly the information that Daphne can free her.


My dear Poly - now you are in quite a bind

Daphne has some magic she'll help you survive

Sargon was captured by women unkind

You must help him now and you must keep your mission alive. 


A ship wreck has some weapons - you must get them

They are left over from the past - many years

You’ll be attacked once and attacked yet again

You will need these weapons because The Seductroids bring fear

So wake up and recall this dream through your eyes

Hold peace in your mind - you can get through it then

This performance is being watched - analyzed

So stay up on your game – be strong - we need you to win

Polyxena wakes up and sees the Beast. Daphne enters the cave and sings softly to hypnotize the Beast; this works.


I am alone and sometimes that frightens me              

I made up this song – and the words are my friends

Melody flows like the wind – softly through the trees

My song is a lullaby – brings me to sleep

My song will put you to sleep

Yes My song it will put you to sleep

The Beast is mesmerized and then hypnotized and then falls hard to sleep. Polyxena falls asleep too. Andromeda returns to Polyxena’s dreams.


Listen my dear - my girl - sleeping beauty

Your cute assistant will help you to turn

Help you escape and return to your duty

There's a cache of weapons – rifles that burn


Find Sargon and bring him back to your side

Arm yourselves and move – here you have no friends

You have to move quick - tormentors are coming

You’ll have to use your head - fight once again

Polyxena wakes up and Daphne helps her to break out of the cage. The two flee the cave. The beast wakes up and howls with anger and then starts gnawing on an old bone of some giant vegetarian creature.


I used my song to put lizards to sleep

Then I’d cook and eat them – to stay alive

have to tell you– that I never had tried

Hypnotize something – that big – a Goliath

Daphne and Polyxena go to where the weapons cache. She goes to the area, finds a crashed rocket, and enters the rocket. She finds a weapons cache and carries as many as she can. Few of the weapons are functioning but the neutron rifle and a stun gun is found (paralyzes humanoids for a minute or so). She tests the weapon and finds that it is very potent.


This beat up old rocket is useless but still

Weapons inside – said the voice in my dream

This one will stun, and this one will kill

There's evil close by, but my rifle shoots - plasma beam

The two then move to where Sargon is trapped in a cage by a group of unhappy women. They plan to dine on the men after using them for reproductive activities.

Zone of War 2

That is really good catch for the day

Look very meaty –won’t they taste great

take them each as a lover

slaughter them – like game – protein concentrate


How long did we serve men as our leads

we are set free – we’re in control

Now they satisfy our needs

Gametes first - then they’re soup in a bowl

Poly and Daphne run into the village where the mean chicks have the men captive. There is some action dance moves here.


This tribe looks cute with their whips and their chains

Domination – extermination

These girls have threatened to eat their own kind

Is this the next wave of liberation?

Stun gun sound and a cry as one of the Cannibelles is stunned.


My rifle will put you out for a while

Now let these men go – I’m glad they’re alive

Stay back from the girl - away from her now

You’ve forced me to move – you will not survive

Then Polyxena fires the stun gun and this paralyzes two of the women. Two others move to Daphne and Polyxena blasts them with the neutron rifle. They are dead.


Sargon my lover – my soldier of space

Why do I find you in need of my help

Here take this sword – we need to make haste

Say you remember me – if you can’t it will hurt

I’ve missed you so badly – loved you from the start

Please say you remember –

Say you remember - or break - my young heart     

She convinces Sargon that they are on a mission and they have to find the robot. He is having too much fun fighting and says so. She tells him she is leaving with Daphne.


You do seem familiar – have we met – you're magnetic

But the heat of these battles is winning over desire

It’s too early for us to settle down – that’s pathetic

There are wars to be fought – I am smelling the fire


I have revealed emotions so sweet

And now I’m rejected! - your mind was erased

You’re acting like every guy that I meet

You seek only battles - and women to chase

She shows him the coordinates on her map of the next crossing point

We will be leaving this battle zone now

Continue mission – cannot stay here

If you remain - to fate you will bow

Here in this region of hatred and fear


Come with me Daphne we move through the wall

Beyond - I do not know what we will find

Come with me Thalamax – answer the call

Face the next challenge – distortion of mind

Distortion of mind.

Daphne, Thalamax, and Polyxena run through the next inner barrier. Sargon stays behind as he loves fighting more than anything else.​

The Council Decodes the Great Tome

In another place, there is a meeting of the council of Harmonautics. They reconvene and they have with them the Great Tome.

Councilman Zzan Alphox

I've gathered you here urgently for a meeting

Xarina's gone - we continue to grieve

Tritonika is in rock and roll heaven

Ashes to ashes – her climax is achieved

Councilwoman Veralina Jushak

The Great Tome of our people - A mystery here

I think we have unencrypted the code.

The answer you see was always in front.

Right on the cover – this image – this picture - you see


The image that’s seen is a Constellation

Arachnidus – looks like a web do you see?

right in the middle is a star – flaming sun

Spirellon Centrux – it’s spectrum – its color - is key

Zzan Alphox

Excited I am in your astronomics

But answers must come to us soon – soon I plead

the next leader of the Harmonauts - yes

The next council chair, Xarina - we need

Veralina Jushak

The spectrum of Spirellon shows us the way

526 nanometers – that is green

We pondered this star and its color today

We see that this color has magic - we have seen


Shine a bright light wavelength 526

Shine on the pages in the book that were clear

The ancients were clever – smooth with their tricks

Spectral ink is the key and the words did appear

Zzan Alphox

You have seen text in the book with a light

Please get me a reveille trumpet - a big horn

Do you have the answer right now in your sight?

Who is the next Xarina? - is she already born?

Veralina Jushak

The spectrum of Spirellon revealed our next queen

Gave us no name – but it gave us her life

Female with green eyes, brunette, she’s alto

She is single, age 30, she is not yet a wife


The book gave the position of our lady of hope

Gives us the vector, that is X, Y, and Z

We’ve already moved the great telescope

The world she is on - is found - we can see


We’ve already seen our girl Xarina

She started her quest - she’s athletic, alive

Our newly found daughter is in trouble, quite deep

This girl is in danger – may not survive


She has crash landed – on an unstable planet

It is governed by an old broken computer

Bizarre fields are there create distortions

In the circuits of brain – Nuratopia.


Instrumental synthesizer robotic sequence.

All Council Members

The great book has given us news – for today

Found our new queen she is smart she is strong

All we can do now is watch and to pray

That our Xarina will sing the best song

Play the right chords.

Sing the best song.

The Zone of Joy and Peace

Polyxena, Daphne (holding hands with Polyxena), and the robot have crossed (in the earlier scene) the barrier. The usual period of recall and recog occurs but faster. Memory erasure has eliminated Sargon from their recall. He does not exist to them even though he is depicted on the Map on her coat. They are met with peaceful men in robes with flowers. They are taken to an area where several small groups sit and mediate quietly. A holy man is quietly teaching a group of young.


I have searched all of my life for this land

Magical sparkles that flow to my soul

People are gentle, want to hold my hand

Universal knowledge - heal my life and make me whole


Flowers, the songs, cool breeze in the air  

These faces look blank – these people aren’t real

Poly, stay with me - there is something - I’m scared

I know we cannot stay here and that's how I feel


I am so glad that your memory is well

Immune to amnesia – that much I can tell

you know we are on a dangerous road

A red flag is up - error code


I have been searching for years  for this land

Magic that links all these eyes to my soul

People are gentle, want to hold my hand

Universal knowledge - heal my heart and make me whole


Poly - your smile is not right - don’t you know?

You’re repeating yourself – like a broken program

I don’t like this Zone – I want us to go

wake up and hold me – are you here - do you know who I am?


Xena remember our mission our fight

We have been scanned from space - out there

watched from a distance – by infrared light

A scope in the sky – be aware 

A peaceful robed teacher is presenting a lesson. Polyxena and Daphne sit and listen. Thoughts are focused on the silent hum of the multiverse. Next, the students must chant. The teacher notes that there are two balanced forces, dosium and nephrium. The supreme being is called subcosmic sphere?


Long ago, prehistoric times, biochemical balance was formed

Molecules that are keys to life are linked to subcosmic Sphere

pharmikomystic balance arose in the chaos - in the storm

balance between dosium and nephrium - it is here



The balance is here – the subcosmic sphere

The mind state must control this balance and shift toward dosium. When that shift occurs, peace and health are achieved. If nephrium dominates, the disorder and aggression are seen.


Protons and neutrons of nephrium - they are dominant - they are cruel

Harm and agression - the essence of hate - nephrium is the author of fear

In fighting and war - the arrow and blade - we see this chemical rule

In unconditional love, dosium does appear


The balance is here – the subcosmic sphere


Recites messages from his Book. Upbeat, the Choir starts to dance. [faster]

The tongue is a dangerous weapon when it speaks words of anger.

The one that protects the primitive will enjoy gifts from beyond

When one gives to another, the giving itself is the reward.

The roots of the tree of life spread into the past - limbs to the future.


Limbs to the future


Take the life of a spirit - it's set free - in time

But the soul of the aggressor - diminished - it will fall

With each life that is taken, there is damage to the mind

The point of no return - where the soul - becomes distant and small


Distant and small.


With love and understanding - the healing can start

The sub-cosmic thread from - the Sphere - light years long

Aggression causes a tear - in the fabric - of the heart

Kindness mends the fabric makes the spirit - healthy and strong.


Healthy and strong

The temple band jams and everyone dances in a joyous rapture. It's like a hootenanny. 

The Zone of War 3

Sargon remained in the Zone of War. He and his merry band fight aimlessly and chaotically with no real purpose or alliance.


Troops have fought well – we were outnumbered

Held hallowed ground with only broad swords

They have each fallen – I am alone now

Ready to die – receive my cosmic reward

The Phalanx enters the scene and defeats and captures all the combatants including Sargon. They are captured by the Phalanx, are tied up and they wait for Vitrex to come and torture and kill them. Vitrex plans to control the planet and all its inhabitants. He has been warned by his intelligence apparatus that Polyxena and her band are a danger to his dominance and he must find them and stop them. He needs a big dark musical theme or sound.


We have defeated these men

Bound and without weapons - should I put them down - to sleep?  


I see that we won – they fought hard – to a man 

I don’t want them silenced – not yet – they will help

Help to attract the rest of rebel band

We will remove – we will crush them as well


The rebels are here - what do they want?

Why are they here - on your land? And where is - their front?


The information that I have is not clear  

Female leader – we know that she is here

One of these men is her friend – her lover?

He will attract her – he will pull her in


This girl is brave – she’ll rescue – you will see

We wait for her now – she will soon come to me

when she comes here we will delete her band

stop her long journey – her mission so grand

Stop her mission so grand.

Vitrex and his merry gang exit. Sargon stands and is isolated in the spot.


Alone in the spot light. Vitrex has left Sargon alone.


Though she’s not here

I feel the pull of her heart

I know the strength of her mind

But I will not give up my liberty


Freedom always mine

To come and go as I please

To settle down is to freeze

I will not give up my liberty


Never before

Have I met a braver soul

I cannot let her control

And I will not give up my liberty



I have played the game

Fought the wars – loved the girls

In the wind – sails unfurled

But then she came along

I know I must be strong

I was made to be alone


Freedom is my theme

Thoughts of her – all the time

Her shape burns in my mind

I don’t know

Can I lose?


Love is free


Soldier boy is love-sick ... not pretty to watch.

Zone of Peace 2

Polyxena is asleep. Andromeda enters to give her a pep talk.


This Zone of Peace has addicted your soul

Verses and hymns you can read from a scroll

The incense and candles have sedated your mind

But danger is here - you can't see it - your blind


Your sweet loving heart beats so strong so alive

No longer a fighter - slowing down - lost your drive

But you must recall many depend on you

If you quit now - your friends are in trouble - it's true


Wake up Polyxena - grab a weapon - and run


I have searched all of my life for this land

Magical sparkles - that flow to my soul

People are gentle, want to hold my hand

Universal knowledge – heal my heart and make me whole


This place is strange – no one ever complains

Never a fight or a frown – can’t be real

People look happy – but their minds are in chains

I know we cannot stay - and that’s how I feel


Do you recall that our team’s fragmented

Sargon still fights – seeking battle for thrills

Barrier twisted you are demented

Poly - you have lost free will 


Weapon of danger - the tongue that creates

Dark words of hatred – of anger and grief

Roots of the tree are – woven to our fate

Reaching to the future – living branches and the leaves


Peaceful metaphor seems nice – such a joy

You are in love with this zone – want to stay

sensors are feeling a seismical rift                        

Have you forgotten the way?


I  have searched all of  my life for this land

Magical sparkles - that flow to my soul --- Ah!!!

Thalamax zaps her with a little electric shock – zap!


What was that – wow that hurt – you ferrous polyhedron    

I'll pull out all your wires - crush your metal crown

When a life is taken, there is damage to the soul

I'll make an exception – turn you off - break you down


Poly - You are free – from the spell - of this land

You must go back now! Find Sargon – find him at last

Where are we going - tell me now - what's the plan?

Leave us - we'll be OK - go to War - move very fast.



Oh Daphne I’m sorry – I will go back to the War

Wait here with the robot – he is sharp I have learned

I know now – of compassion - and for love of the poor

But that will - have to wait – I will soon return


Fight hard and fly fast – your path to the stars

The plan is to have a strong staff in her hands. She readies for the crossing. The stage darkens and only Polyxena is there under the spot. She performs her monologue.

Window Of My Heart


I am ready to try again

Love can heal my heart - restore my soul

This emptiness - does not belong

Will he reach out to me and touch me and make me whole


My journey the quest for my life

He is here – is this a gift from above?

The starlight – it streams through my eyes

Will I open the window of my heart - to love?


I can reach now – my hands regain warmth

I am able to let others in, sharing my pain

I will stand up – no longer torn

I can feel the hope deep within flooding my veins


The path lies ahead seems so dark

But now – it may not be so tough

I can feel – I can hear a remark

Will I open the window of my heart – to love?


I am willing – to face the night

Believe in the power of love – risk it all once again

There is danger – But I have the right

To defend myself and my lover – protect my friends


My spirit has wings and she flies

We are bathed in the light from above

The starlight – it streams through my eyes

Will I open the window of my heart – to love?

Brief instrument verse

My spirit has wings and she flies

We are bathed in the light from above

The starlight – it streams through my eyes

I will open the window of my heart

I will open the window of my heart

I will open the window of my heart

To love – to love – to love


She crosses back through the barrier into the Zone of War to rescue soldier boy. This is a big step backwards and away from the Zonus Centralis. 

Zone of War 4 – The Rescue

Polyxena crosses into the Zone of Ware and wakes up in a fight. She is immediately attacked by some agressors but her staff technique is good. She is able to break free from the fight and move to a safe hidden place. Crossing the barrier has not totally erased her mind – Polyxena is developing immunity to the dementification of the barriers. She searches for and finds Sargon. Vitrex is not present and so she overpowers the lone Phalanx guard and frees Sargon. He has full memories and reminds her of the mission. They cross the barrier. Stun gun sound effects.


Welcome to my zone – did you miss me?

I’m gonna break out of here

I am magnetic – you just can’t resist me

Were you scared on your own - filled with fear?


I see that your playtime has not gone so well

Your fighting skills are poor - quite rusty it would seem

I stunned this big soldier – he’ll be knocked out for a spell

We must move on the mission – live out this dream  


Ok you’re right – you are always right

Your smarter than us – it is true.

I did have some fun – in this bloody fight

Could have got free – did not need - your rescue 


We have to move to the next zone must fly to the next scene

Our group is in danger – we are soon to be extinct

You look like a fighting man – You are so strong and lean

Please suppress your innate warrior instinct?


I’m bored with Zone – all my brothers are dead

You do need my help – you are the weaker sex

The Barrier did not – erase your head

You lost nothing at all – I’m very perplexed  


My theory is that immunity grows

Immunity to the Barrier’s force

We have to leave now my anxiety shows

Our journey lays East - East we must go - go to the source


I think that I am fine –with you by my side 

There’s trouble ahead – I can feel it around

I know I am stubborn – I do have my pride

Let’s run through the smoke – away from the fire - over the ground

Sargon and Polyxena cross the Barrier into the Zone of Peace.

Zone of Peace 3

Once in the Zone of Peace, Sargon and Polyxena merge into the calm and lovely setting.

Polyxena and Sargon

I have searched all of my life for this land

Magical sparkles  - that flow through my soul

People are gentle, want to hold my hand

Universal knowledge – power to heal - make me whole


Poly I know now that this is the end

The end of our journey – it's where we belong


I sense it too – This zone is my song

Let’s build a home here – our love will be free to grow strong


I don’t feel frustration – heuristics they’re gone

Must I remind you – we cannot stay here

A simple life living – reciting the psalms

Is not in your future – soon you’ll know fear

You will know fear


Robot has been faithful engine that could

Transistor panic – attack - words of doom

Continues to output bad news – nothing good

So I will switch it off – into electronic tomb

They turn Thalamax off because he is such a nag about the mission. Convinced that they have found the true path to universal oneness they begin their studies. They have no knowledge of Seductroids or other agents of danger.


Now he’s at peace – I’m so tired – I must sleep

Polyxena sleeps and Andromeda appears to counsel the young darling.


So pure in spirit my girl you do amaze

Brain has adapted – a light shines within

Sea of tranquility – live out all your days

Your days are numbered – the countdown begins

Wake up now Poly – you are in danger – wake up

Poly wakes up and then rouses Sargon (they were napping together).


Sargon – what’s that – I heard something

Something is wrong – I've felt this dark fear

Sirens they form - a deadly ring

The Seductroids – they are coming - we’re in danger – they are near

Sargon and Polyxena exit this scene.

Scene. The Seductroids enter and begin searching for Poly and Sargon.


Zone of Peace 4

Hunger for neurochemical flow

Axons and pathways of the brain of our prey

Feed on the particles that make up the soul

Victims are unprotected - unaware are they

Mariella (who lives in the Zone of Peace) stands alone and the Seductroids surround her like a pack of wolves.


Don’t be afraid


I feel very calm now


Dance with me now


Your voice is so sweet


Give us your love


I give it all to you


Give us your soul


Take it from me

The Seductroids begin to consume Mariella. [drop the seductroid chords]


I want you


I’m going to faint


We love you


My legs going numb


Consume you


My hands are so cold


Your life ends


You will take my life?

Sargon and Polyxena rush in and fight them. He swings his blade but the Seductroids are wisps and the blade makes no cut. Mariella collapses and the Seductroids scatter.


You have no dominance here.

Please siren sing to my blade


Vo wai sen thar - kor shai rem tranx

This spell repels the Seductroids and they run screaming from the scene.


What were those creatures? Their voices were sweet?

Next time they appear - tie me to a tree


That’s a nice song can you teach it to me?

Those creatures did not seem to like it – at all.


There is a spirit that comes in my sleep 

She gave me that spell - don't know what it means

She told me I would know when to sing it

She told me that - it would protect – be a shield

They turn Thalamax back on and apologize.


I don't do sorry very well but I am

We need you "on" – this Zone is not good

A band of strange ghosts very sweet but a sham

We must leave this Zone must go - really should


Don’t feel too bad – I needed a nap

You may want to keep me awake for a while

Alarms are Ringing – there is an attack

Peaceful Zone is getting roughed up by this

Rank and file

This marks the end of Act II.

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