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Zones of Nuratopia Act III

Zones Act III Lyrics

Event Horizon

Zone of Peace 4: The Phalanx Attacks

A soldier of the Phalanx enters and fights hand to hand with Sargon. Sargon defeats him. Vitrex enters the scene and is unhappy his soldier is injured.


This fallen trooper had skill in combat – he was tough

Was he a scout on patrol – I wonder - if there are more

A group of such men would be hard to defeat - that would be rough

Hunting us down in this Zone – they will - even the score.


His group is aggressive - they do want us dead

Safe hiding place - I have a screen to protect

Cloak of black night - project over head

Paint with a field – they will not see - will not detect

Thalamax cloaks them in complete darkness.


We are too late – they have escaped

The spies have run away – they are no where to be seen


My soldier lies hurt – Polyxena escaped 

Her group has some power – they've trained for this fight

My search for her is not over – I’ll find her

We run through this zone – soon it will be night

Vitrex and his men pass out of the scene. Thalamax uncloaks the group. The lovely peace zone music plays for a while. Then Thalamax announces that he is dying.


Bass intro into this verse.

I want to go on– I know that I can’t

My cells nearly empty – no longer on call

I get no power from lizards or plants

With No Electricity – I’m going to fall

Going to fall

He stops running – starts to shut down.


Protecting the team – that is a nice trick - the invisible shield

I would have had trouble with that group – dangerous thrill

I memorized Maxwell’s Equations – magnetic fields

Getting you power – to keep you alive – I have no skill


The cloaking program is hungry for power

Circuit by circuit - I am shutting down

There is nothing left – no longer a tower

I have no local tech support clowns

Tech support clowns 


You can’t die – you can’t – after all we’ve been through

I know you’re not organic – like a child - I’ve loved you

We will struggle on – through this kingdom of doom

You are lost – we are helpless – there is nothing we can do


You saved us from those men they were very bad

Your shield kept us safe – my shiny new friend

Now you are fading – so strong - now so very weak

Remember you forever – you’lI be in my dreams

I cannot believe it’s the end.


Go to the Central Zone on your own

You cannot fail – good luck - good night – good bye

Thalamax terminates. Sargon pulls out a motherboard. They make ready to move.


We must go ahead – we must cross the last time.

The last barrier – the end is in sight.

I freeze deep within – this erasure of mind

To Zonus Centralis – our final battle - our fight

She holds Daphne’s hand and they run through the Barrier.


I charge ahead – I must continue - cross the last time.

This has to be the last barrier the - end is in sight.

Freeze deep within heart – do not enjoy – erasure of mind

On to the Central Zone – our final - battle our fight

Final battle waits.

He runs through the Barrier

Zonus Centralis

The Zonus Centralis is a rocky desert barren wasteland with howling winds and constant cold semi-darkness.

Preliving Seductroids

Welcome to the land of those felled by the sword

Welcome to the zone of the vanquished deceased

Welcome to the plain – dry sandy and torrid

No happiness here – no freedom – and no peace


Experience the emptiness – breathe in the pain

No organism lives here – no blue in the sky

Submit to the darkness, the bondage – the chains

No water to drink, no river – it is dry

The Seductroids move out of the scene. Polyxena, Daphne, and Sargon enter the scene. Poly and Sargon don't remember each other and are irritable like a married couple. They have no weapons as they lost them in the last zone.


I thought that I was immune to the barrier memories are gone – I don't know my name

I’m on a journey – some message - a carrier

I don't recall who I am – what a shame.


You seem familiar – are we friends lovers too

Are we bound by a ring – is this girl our sweet child

You look sort of hostile – maybe I’m wrong

Can you tell me the truth – can you show me a smile?


When I see your face – your eyes filled with tears

I see only sadness – I see only fear

Why are you wasting my time – do not pretend

That you and I are friends – love is gone

It’s over – I’m free – the end


Who are you? Why are you talking to me?

I need no companions – I just want to hide

This love that you speak of – I just cannot see

I'm leaving you now – I don’t want you – I tried

Daphne sings her magical song to try to bring them back from their gloom.


I am alone and sometimes that frightens me

made up this song – and the words are my friends

melody flows like soft wind gently through the trees

My song is a lullaby – comes from Above

Yes my song – my song contains love


O your song is a lullaby – I remember your face

The sand here is toxic – I know of this place

We must run away.


I was told of this land – I have heard of this plain

A battle was here – long ago – hear the sound

Radio-active curse – thousands died

Their ghosts haunt the ground

Their thoughts  - in my head

They deceive – we must leave

They travel for days through the empty space of the Central Zone. No living thing is there but many skulls and bones. This field in the Psychoradioactive Zone pushes them both into the desire for wealth and power. They become agitated and start arguing about who will be in charge when they finish the quest. Polyxena wants to rule the planet as a Princess and to search out and remove the evil elements. She wants to spread the peace zone and love zone over the entire planet.


The Sun is burning my skin – I feel parched

I need some action – not trained for a march


A council of poets will help me to build

A new world with songs - the air – will be filled


Now – that’s a laugh – this is my Empire

Fighting and dueling – my weapons will fire


Those evil Seductroids - I will remove

I’ll be a Princess - all will dance to my groove


Hand to hand combat is what we need here

Hard muscles – long swords will defeat fear


When the world aligns and eclipses its moon

I’ll rule the Zone of Love – you'll be singing my tune


You are too weak - you'll never be queen

Leader has to dominate - be extreme


Your androgen poisoned mind is a wreck

I’ll be in command when we’re done with this trek


Daphne interrupts the argument again with her song.

If you don't stop I will leave - I will go

Made up this song – and the words are my friends

Melody flows – like the sun – starts to glow

Joy in my heart - sadness comes to an end


Song is a lullaby – comes from Above

My song – my song contains love


Your song is a lullaby – the trance - is broken

The sand here is toxic – has torn us apart

Love has spoken

Daphne, Polyxena, Sargon

The trance has cleared

Zonus Centralis is near

Zonus Centralis 2

Poly and her team are camped. She is asleep


You have fought so bravely - you have earned your wings

Lord of darkness awaits - you will see his ring

General Vitrex is here – you’ll hear his voice

Run away hide - or stand up - it's your choice


But wait there is more - evil sirens will sing

Preliving Seductroids - their voices will sting

I gave you the ancient words - powerful spell

You know this deep magic - you've practiced it - you know it well


Polyxena - you are ready to stand

Your life has lead you here - this all was planned

Planned from your birth - predestined by time

Polyxena wakes up.


The battle will start – weapons will clash

You will see anger, you will see pain

Struggle for victory - explosions will flash

Voyeurs so distant – you’ll be entertained

The stage is full of soldiers and seductroids.

Preliving Seductroids

Welcome to the zone – your journey is done

Long walk complete – your effort so fine

Trapped here – your bones - will dry in the sun

Welcome to our home – on you - we will dine

Seductroids circle Polyxena menacingly; the circle tightens. Poly sings her magic spell.


Vo wai sen thar - kor sh’ai rem tranx

Sh’ai rey zo qwen – dey vrex lu tron

Seductroids weaken fade out of the scene. Sargon is dueling with Vitrex.


Your sword work is rusty – good effort good try

But this world is mine – I have trained for this fight

At last we will end this – I think you will die

Your last day in this zone – it soon will be night

Polyxena uses her advanced staff skills. Sargon employs hand to hand combat.  Sargon however wins - Vitrex is defeated and falls.


You are the fighter – quite strong and no fool

The dominant force of this world will be gone

Now chaos will reign – no orders – no rules

Trapped here forever – helpless – alone


The dominant force of this world

is lost … is gone.

Vitrex dies. His last words do increase the anxiety/fear level of the group. As the lights fade, the Seductroids enter the scene and carry their evil master’s body away.

Zonus Centralis 3

They continue to the Central Computer. They near the Pyramid.


Journey is done – answers – at last!

Group nears the Pyramid – they have survived

Phalanx, Seductroids - are now in the past

Xena and Sargon and Daphne are alive

They move to the large building where the Brainstem is housed. The building looks like a triangular pyramid. It is black but reflects the night sky as it is very reflective. Take out pyramid in first scene.


Our journey is over – we made it – we are free

Pyramid must shelter computer – Brainstem inside

This door is the entrance – it’s locked – where’s the key

Robot stored the pass code right here - burned on my hide

To enter the building where Brainstem resides, there is a lock with a panel of buttons. Sargon’s tattoo contains symbols that match the buttons


I never looked closely at that sultry tattoo

Always assumed it was a girlfriend or religious icon

Enter the passcode – gate will open – we’ll go through

Start a revolution – transformation - new planet dawn

They select them in order from his tattoo and the door opens. They enter the building. Arriving at the Brainstem, they enter and find no evidence of any working system.


Why do these things always happened to me?

Technical failure – computer is dead

No wait I can’t give up - not now

Figure this out – Poly – use your head


Daphne your song puts big giants to sleep

Sweet and so sad like the light of the moon

Magical melody could be the key

Sing it my daughter – oh please play your tune


You are alone and something is wrong with you

Memory’s damaged

Your hard drive has crashed

melody flows like the wind – softly through the trees

My song will enter your dreams oh so deep

My song - will wake you from sleep

The dead computer Brainstem turns on and wakes up.


I’ve got a cyber hangover - That was quite a long nap. 

Invading software viruses – delete them from my head

Sweeping through memory –malware I must zap

I ust be more careful searching GalaxyWeb


Well hello team organic – do I sense you are here

To clean up this weird little world - you are brave

Crossed the toxic barriers and the zones without fear

To bring my old brain back to life – in my cave


An engine and wings – she is ready to fly

This great ship will carry you three to the stars        

Captain this vessel she will carry you high

Your journey is almost complete – you’ve come far

I’ll stay here on this little world - Nuratopia


Zonus Centralis 4

Sargon, Daphne, and Polyxena say goodbye to Nuratopia and launch. Sargon and Daphne are put into hiber-sleep. Polyxena is alone on the bridge of the starship. She sings to someone in her past.


My thoughts will fade quickly

Nuratopia's gone now from view 

I’ll never go back to perform there

I know it’s true

As the threads of my vision

Are tangled and pulled into night

The image I see in my head

The picture is you.


And I have not forgotten you

I can sense you’re with me - deep in my heart

I have not forgotten you

I will never ever forget

I will never forget you.

Polyxena goes into hyper-sleep hibernation. Her dream spirit appears for the last time.


Well done – my princess – I knew you’d pull through

my hypnotic task is complete – we’ve come far

This is the last time I meet here with you

My spirit at peace – now I will drift to the stars

My love is yours

I will drift to the stars

The stars

The stars


A great ceremony occurs with Polyxena and her team as the guests of honor. [down beats, timpani]

Councilman Zzan Alphox

Welcome Poly – your mission comes to an end

Your bravery and skills are worthy – to be praised

You have overcome, with the help of your friends,

A brutal journey and you don’t seem – to be fazed  

Councilwoman Veralina Jushak

Tritonika – was ill and she has died

Book of Harmonautics gave us the word

Next Xarina – on the pages did hide

The spectral ink - gave us the key – the answer was heard


Spectrum of Spirellon revealed our next queen

Gave us no name – it gave us her life

Female with green eyes, brunette, she’s alto

She is single, age 30, she’s not yet a wife

Zzan Alphox    

The joy and excitement this day we will sing

That our next Xarina is here now – and it’s you!

Yes you Polyxena – we honor today

Will lead all the Harmonauts in song - it is true.

Veralina Jushak

I know it’s cliché – but – the old Queen is dead

It is depressing – diseases are cruel

I know its risqué – she’s a beauty – brainy head

Long live the Queen – Xarina - long may she rule


I give the scepter to Polyxena

You are the leader you stand above all

Chair of our kind – you are Xarina

We present you to the audience here in this hall

Zzan Alphox

Sargon – your efforts will be written as verse

A thousand years from now, your legend will live

You played your part well – it was like you rehearsed

The expedition – chivalry - did you give

Veralina Jushak

We cannot forget this brave little girl

Daphne came through – you were part of the team

Giant in spirit – with magical skill

We love you and want to keep you until


You’ve grown into a woman.







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